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Daniel James Consulting offers services in customized packages for your business, or a la carte - so regardless of the task at hand, you can be assured you will be covered correctly, effectively and efficiently, the first time;  bringing your business precisely what it needs and desires to thrive while most importantly - Having Your Business be YOUR Business. 


Whatever situations and challenges your business face, Daniel James Consulting has solutions.

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Company Identity Packages create the way a business presents itself to the public.  The initial development of a brand’s identity is the most important part of building and developing a business and ensuring that the message is not only properly conveyed but received.  It helps clients know who you are, and why you exist. By properly utilizing all applicable our team will assist you in creating an easily recognizable brand with a clear and concise message.


There are many different components of owning and running a business and we are ready to assist in all management capacities, from rebranding a company and providing a new approach to restructuring marketing and advertising plans to increase recognition, reception and conversion. Managing a business is tough and in hopes of making it more organized and successful our team can function in a variety of capacities, tailor-made to fit the individual needs of your company.


business management

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Security & Speed. Two elements that ensure that the tools surrounding your company are working as effectively and efficiently as the employees operating them. From fixing hardware issues to upgrading systems and implementing procedures, we will work with you so that network failures, service interruptions, viruses and lost files are worries of yesterday.

• Systems Implementation 

• Virus Removal 

• Performance Enhancement

• Computer Hardware Repair & Upgrade

• File & Document Cataloging

• Network Configuration

• Efficiency Measurement

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