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graphic & logo design


The first impression is crucial. For companies and brands, their corporate identity is usually the decisive factor in whether new customers place their trust in them. As an award-winning branding agency, Daniel James Consulting develops or reworks your company logo and takes on the design of image brochures, annual reports, advertising posters, advertisements, displays, and stationery, as well as the development of holistic corporate designs.

Graphic Design

Did you know that 70% of your marketing success is determined by eye-catching, creative content? With our passion for appealing graphic design on the pulse of the times and our years of experience in the graphic industry, we help our customers to achieve an outstanding, individually tailored visual appearance and successful marketing.

We are convinced that good design and an appealing corporate identity create trust and thus lasting connections with your customers and target groups.

Daniel James Consulting knows how to turn your visual wishes, ideas, and plans into reality. Our team specializes in corporate design, branding, packaging, illustration, and the design of advertising material and company stationery such as stationery, brochures, annual reports, and their production.

Our goal is to clearly communicate your company values ​​and message through different marketing channels and ensure that your customers and target groups are addressed and inspired sustainably.

Whether it's designing a logo, posters, brochures, and business stationery, or personal motifs for invitations and greeting cards - you've come to the right place! Our graphics services are suitable for both private individuals and large companies. We would be happy to create a unique design for you. Modern, vintage, abstract, figurative mark, wordmark, mascot, pictogram, cartoon, or illustration. Whatever your need, we can implement it professionally, creatively, and cost-effectively.

Image by NordWood Themes
Image by Claudio Schwarz

Logo Design

The logo is the anchor point of visual identity and the main element of corporate identity. It reflects the essence and ideas of business and is used in all materials: business cards, flyers, official documents, and the website.

Creating a logo is a process of several stages and is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance. We do not recommend approaching this task superficially because the logo is a reflection of the brand and must have a unique design.

Even if you have not thought about ordering a company logo, you know for sure that they come in different types. It is enough to look around at any moment. Your eyes will immediately stumble upon a lot of logos. Most often, they will be:


Wordmarks- They are very common and express the concept of the business through the font, and many do not have a separate graphic design element.


Alphabetic- In the professional language - "lettermark." From the name, it is already clear: at the forefront in this case: the abbreviation or initials of the company name. This option is ideal for organizations with a very long name. A prime example is DHL.


Trademarks- In design studios, such logos are called "brandmark." Here you will not find any letters or words as in the previous types. The main thing is the visual element. A good example is Nike. But keep in mind, if you are at the beginning of the brand-building journey, then it is better to abandon this type for now. There is a high risk of being misunderstood by the audience.


Combined- Here, everything is clear: we take partial components of the first three types and create a combination. The logo will include a title, a visual element, and a text block. Now it is the most popular type. It is just the best suited for young companies.

Our Process:

Brief and conclusion of the contract.

The solution to any problem begins with its correct formulation. For design ideas to hit the target, the client is usually asked to answer a series of questions. The first discussion is best done in person, without haste. During the meeting, general introductions are discussed, key points are determined, and semantic accents are placed. Then a brief is filled in, in which the maximum number of details is fixed. After, the customer and the contractor sign the contract.

Analysis and collection of information.

This stage is devoted to a closer study of the business of the customer company and competitors. It is important to analyze the characteristics of the target audience, business principles, industry features, the existing and desired image of the company, and the practices of competitors. This will help create a unique design and stand out from other players.

Image by Theme Photos
Image by Marvin Meyer

Development of the main directions of design.

Whatever the cost of developing a logo, you should be shown several areas of visual solutions. In each option, everything should be thought out: color, font, graphics. You must understand why you are offered an element in one interpretation or another.

Presentation of the work done

This stage consists of several parts. The first will present the results of the development of the concept, the main ideas. The second will be more specific - with solutions. At Daniel James Consulting, we immediately show how the logo will look on a certain medium.

Finalization and development of the guideline

After the presentation, it is necessary to conduct a discussion with an analysis of design solutions. Try to look at the future logo from the side. What associations does it evoke? Are your company values ​​easy to read? Does it look like competitors? After all the comments are considered, the logo is adapted to various formats and media. Working files are prepared for printing and production. All this will be collected in a brand book and a company guideline, which will become a step-by-step guide for proper use.

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