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pricing analysis & costs consolidation


Pricing management has a huge impact on a company's revenue. At Daniel James Consulting, we support our clients in defining or redefining their pricing strategy to optimize their positioning in the market. Cost consolidation & pricing analysis allow us to identify purchasing behavior and build a relevant price offer about product and customer segmentation. A complete benchmark will make it possible to position oneself in a strategy of alignment and differentiation.

We work on the revision of price lists and the implementation of dynamic pricing. As part of the implementation of revenue management, adapting pricing is a prerequisite that should be linked to the company's commercial policy and marketing strategy.

We set up cost consolidation plans that enable you to receive a complete service system to boost the success of your business. We will conduct a pricing analysis to help us provide low and profitable product costs, thanks to the packages available tailored to your company's needs.

Our goal is to improve your bottom line using analytical methodologies that optimize your management. We seek to increase your sales, improve your service levels, lower your costs, improve your margins and reduce your inventories.


Smart Price Management In Retail

Increase your income by managing prices. Define your strategy, simulate the effects of price changes and analyze the consequences.

Demonstrable Results In Inventory Management

Optimize inventories in stores, adjust them to the projected demand, achieve sales increases, reduce bankruptcies, and immobilize capital.

All The Power Of Modern Technology To Understand Your Sales

Make correct production, purchase, inventory, and supply decisions, accurately projecting the daily demand for each product at each point of sale using our modern tools.

Development Of Solutions Tailored To Your Business

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to offer the solutions you need to project your demand, plan your purchases or production, optimize your inventories, manage your prices and apply revenue management to your business.

Expert Consulting With Quick Results

Quickly achieve measurable results by implementing specific measures in the management of your company with the help of Daniel James Consulting.

We apply a successfully proven business model to analyze and understand consumer behavior. We work permanently with our clients to accompany them in our solutions' implementation and daily application. We seek to ensure success and achieve demonstrable results.

Our Steps for Implementing a Pricing Strategy

Cost consolidation & pricing analysis consists of implementing strategies to boost pricing and inventory distribution to stimulate turnover. It comes down to selling the right product to the right customer at the right time and the best possible price.

These pricing policies may also apply to ancillary products offered IE catering services or products sold on board aircraft. We follow different procedures to come up with the right pricing strategy.


Analysis of positioning about competition, analysis of commercial performance and profitability by type of service/product, behavioral analysis of customers.


Definition of customer segmentation and a price list adapted to the different distinct profiles.

Pricing Strategy

Definition of a pricing policy in line with the economic model, audit of sales and distribution policies, analysis of results, and definition of a long-term strategy.

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Experts in Cost Consolidation & Pricing Analysis

For years, Daniel James Consulting has brought its expertise in Pricing and Revenue Management in various sectors. These sectors have seen the birth of optimization tools and methods always at the forefront of innovation.

Our knowledge of the trades and know-how specific to revenue management allows us to offer a complete and personalized consulting offer to the client's needs. Whether implementing or improving revenue management methods, our intervention provides our clients with optimization of their turnover.

Pricing strategy has a huge impact on a company's revenue.

At Daniel James Consulting, we support our clients in defining or redefining their pricing strategy to optimize their positioning on the market and carry out an in-depth analysis of the products to be profitable.

Analyzing sales history or reporting allows us to identify purchasing behavior and build a relevant price offer about product and customer segmentation. A complete benchmark will make it possible to position oneself both in an alignment and differentiation strategy and will set up the associated dashboard.

The most common methods are:

  • Dynamic pricing involves changing the price of inventory price classes daily based on real-time market data. This data is collected by competitive intelligence tools, allowing detailed monitoring of competitor prices.

  • The free setting of prices or "open pricing" makes it possible to establish prices at different levels according to customer segments to increase the reservations of such or such a category of customer.

  • Pricing is based on the length of stay to impose a minimum length of stay. A specialization strategy is generally implemented when demand exceeds supply.

These methods are handled by our experts who know their product and their competitive environment and who thus become experts in their markets. With the help of IT tools and efficient dashboards, they have a long-term vision allowing them to put in place effective levers of profitability in an operational way.

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Screenshot 2022-06-23 101822.png
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Each company is unique, and it is important to consider its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

This is why cost consolidation & pricing analysis is essential to make a retrospective of the previous year by working on the history and succeeding in an effective projection of the year.

Planning the pricing and the elements to be promoted in advance will allow you to anticipate decision-making on price changes, for example. This data associated with the distribution, marketing, and innovation strategy will provide a set of reliable data to make revenue projections and associated sales forecasts.

Daniel James Consulting supports all types of clients and all consulting projects. Our team comprises experts specialized in cost consolidation & pricing analysis to best respond to your revenue optimization issues.

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