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digital footprint maintenance & search
engine optimization quarterly plans

Managed quarterly plans that solidify presence, maintain reputation, and deploy content to fuel growth.


Because of how quickly online commerce is changing, businesses and NPOs/NGOs of all sizes require advertising, marketing, and consulting services more than ever. Daniel James Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to support your success, from industry-leading maintenance and SEO plans to reputation and platform management. We wish to assist you in taking your company to a higher level without requiring you to do everything yourself.

Industry-Leading Maintenance: Our success is based on our dedication to adaptability, honesty, and teamwork, and we take pleasure in a work philosophy based on continual improvement and comprehensive alignment with our customers' organizational objectives. Because of this, when we interact with your maintenance system and operations, we view you as more than just a client—we see you as a partner in achieving excellence.

SEO Plans: Do you have a strong commitment to your brand but need more resources for spreading the word? You may be having trouble locating high-quality SEO solutions within your constrained budget or internal resources.

Be at ease. We are on your side. Our client-first philosophy puts your requirements first in all we do. Prior to developing a strategy or starting an execution, we thoroughly understand your objectives. By doing this, we begin to save you time and money even before we begin!

From a business management perspective, our primary goal is to offer reasonable SEO plans to push companies of all sizes to the top of the search engine results pages. In order to give an advantage over the competition in the industry, we have tailored our monthly SEO Plans to the client's specific company needs.

We provide SEO and PPC packages that will increase the exposure of businesses online and boost their SERP ranks, from small local enterprises to e-commerce behemoths. Our team of experts crafts unique search engine optimization solutions to meet various business verticals' varied needs to satisfy specific business requirements.

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Platform Management: Customers may manage systems across platforms with the aid of platform management solutions, making it simple to meet company needs and procedures. Businesses typically use a variety of platforms, operating systems, and software. Thanks to our solutions, you'll be better able to keep an eye on such systems, adapt to changes, and optimize their various contexts.

Platform management, change management, configuration implementation, and environment optimization are all capabilities of Daniel James Consulting. Our qualified technical professionals fully support you by offering 7x24 troubleshooting assistance to find the root of any issues. We make every effort to fix issues and provide the highest uptime possible.

Reputation Management: A company's market value is at least 50% based on its online reputation. Utilize Daniel James Consulting's reputation management services to take control of your online reputation and create a favorable brand image.

At Daniel James Consulting, we are devoted and committed to assisting companies in regaining their brand recognition and credibility by promoting favorable evaluations. We've consistently expanded and enhanced our reputation management services over the years to offer our customers the best online reputation management that satisfies their marketing requirements and adheres to industry standards.

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Available Plans

Digital Footprint Maintenance, Repuation Management & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Maintenance

    Every 3 months
    Reputation Management - Keep Your Digital Footprint Current
    • Up to 3 Interactions on Social Media per week
    • Social content deployed on every major holiday
    • Respond to Positive & Report and Respond to Negative Reviews
    • Ensure up-to-date hours of operation across all platforms
    • Manage 3rd Party Platforms (EX: Google Local, Bing, Yelp)
    • Manage Industry Specific 3rd Party Platforms
    • Minor Website Updates (Hours, Special Events, Photos)
  • Management

    Every 3 months
    Maintenance Plan + Social Content Development
    • EVERYTHING that's included in the Maintenance Plan +
    • 3 Content Components to Each Social Media Platform WEEKLY
    • Connect Google x Bing
    • Establish / Manage Google Local, Search Console & Analytics
  • Management Pro

    Every 3 months
    • EVERYTHING that's included in the Maintenance Plan +
    • 3 Content Components to Each Social Media Platform WEEKLY
    • Includes 50/50 Static & Video (Non-Shoot) Content Deployment
  • E-Commerce MGMT

    Every 3 months
    Perfect for Startups and Small Businesses
    • EVERYTHING that's included in the Management Plan +
    • Pricing Updates on All Products
    • Addition of up to 10x New Products Per Month
    • 1x Sale Promotion Per Month
  • Restaurant MGMT

    Every 3 months
    You Handle the Plating. We'll take care of the Digital Stuff
    • EVERYTHING that's included in the Management Plan +
    • Pricing updates on all Menus
    • Menu Product Updates
    • 1x Sale Promotion Per Month
    • ADA Compliancy Audit
    • Establish 3rd Party Platform Integrations
    • Establish Social Media Reference Landing Page (EX: Linktree)
  • SEO Lite

    Every 3 months
    • Keyword Research
    • Google Local Profile Optimization
    • Conduct Site Audit for SEO Errors
    • Monthly Deployment of Map Citations
    • Monthly Deployment of High DA Backlinks (30+)
    • 3x Written Blog Posts
    • Domain Rating Increased to DR 20+
    • Trust Flow Rating Increased to TF 20+
    • Industry-Leading Best Practice Procedures & "Grown-Hacks"
  • SEO Pro

    Every 3 months
    • Keyword Research (Up to 20 Long Strand)
    • Google Local Profile Optimization
    • Google x Bing Connectivity
    • Conduct Site Audit for SEO Errors
    • 2x Monthly Deployment of Map Citations
    • 2x Monthly Deployment of High DA Backlinks (30+)
    • 5x Written Blog Posts
    • Domain Rating Increased to DR 20+
    • TF Rating Increased to TF 20+
    • Industry-Leading Best Practice Procedures & "Grown-Hacks"
  • SEO Platinum

    Every 3 months
    • Keyword Research (50+ Long Strand + Groups)
    • Google Local Profile Optimization
    • Conduct Site Audit for SEO Errors
    • Deploy SEO Apps (Usage Based on Site Host)
    • 2x Monthly Deployment of High DA Backlinks (30+)
    • 2x Monthly Deployment of Map Citations
    • 10x Written Blog Posts
    • Domain Rating Increased to DR 30+
    • Trust Flow Rating Increased to TF 30+
    • URL Rating Increased to 30+
    • Domain Authority Increased to 30+
    • Industry-Leading Best Practice Procedures & "Grown-Hacks"
  • SEO Diamond

    For Websites up to 25 Pages
    Valid for 3 months
    • EVERYTHING Included in the SEO Platinum Plan +
    • Fully Inclusive Onsite SEO Development
    • Page Titles, Descriptions & URL Extentions
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Structured Data Deployment
    • Logical Reading Order (Text Tags)
    • Image Tags (Alt-Text)
    • Content Updates for SEO Effectiveness
    • Structured Footer Deployment / FAQs / Contact Pages
    • 3x Competitor Audit
    • 404 Error Checks and Remedy
    • Custom 404 Page
    • Industry-Leading Best Practice Procedures & "Grown-Hacks"
  • SEO Pro + Management

    Every 3 months
    Save $300 per Quarter by Combining Two Plans!
    • EVERYTHING that's included in the Management Plan
    • EVERYTHING that's included in the SEO Pro Plan
    • Save $1200 Per Year!

*Renews Automatically. Cancel Anytime. All Pricing in US Dollars. Quarterly Plans Require Quarterly Commitment and cannot be canceled early. Must cancel prior to renewal. Social Content does not include video editing. A change order may occur if stock content sourcing is requested. 5% Cash/Check/Transfer Discount Applied to All Packages as these plans require payment via our online system. Pricing Includes 4% (8% with 50% Paid in Full Project Discount) Administrative Fee, rounded down to the nearest 0 or 5 denominations (EX $975.00, $1000.00, $3250.00).

Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This tool increases the amount of website traffic obtained on a page from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others. It allows your webpage to display higher in online searches which will bring in further engagement.

This device works by enhancing a website’s interaction by increasing its content’s ranking and visibility which increases as your SEO improves. Search engines will provide further connections to related searches through companies that operate within Best Practice and will therefore impact revenue and exposure.


How does SEO benefit businesses?

An investment in effective SEO ensures you connect with potential and current clientele. It allows your site to stand out amongst your competitors as it is shown before them in search engine results. This higher ranking has proven to lead to further consumer attraction and interest. This will ultimately increase consumer use and interaction with your business.


Which types of businesses are these plans a best-fit for?

The plans you see above are perfect for start-ups and small businesses that need to hit the ground running and ensure that developed materials are positioned in front of potential and current clients and customers and local businesses that need to turbocharge their digital footprint by ensuring activity, consistency and operation within best-practice to provide the search engines with the proper data to continue to rank and strengthen their positioning. 

What is the cost of SEO?

Companies invest over $50 Billion Dollars Annually and some expect this number to surpass $120 Billion in the next few years, although there are varying figures you can find from individual companies, reports, and projections. Per company, SEO projects range from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 per month for continuous projects (semi-annually or annually) and can reach in excess of $30,000.00 for single-point deliverables.  

Can you provide further advice about SEO?

Yes! Our team would love to assist your business in the transition into using SEO. We will teach you about the benefits of this tool and the ways in which it can help you. Please schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us to learn more about how we can help your company grow. Our services can assist in analyzing your business and sharing customized tips for how to see progression.


What do I do if have any questions about my experience with SEO?

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly. Our experienced team will work closely to take care of your needs and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the assistance our business provides.

In need of additional services, custom-tailored packaged or Enterprise solutions?
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