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branding & rebranding


Give a new life to your business with our branding and rebranding services. From the design of your brand to your business strategy, our brand team aims to help you stand out from your key competitors to allow your business to grow at its best.

Branding includes many elements, and the services you need depend specifically on your unique business needs. At Daniel James Consulting, we take the time to get to know each of our clients to deliver an effective and thorough branding strategy that reflects your business and drives its success.

A brand is a platform on which business success is built. It provides guaranteed profit by forming a positive image of the company, increasing the attractiveness of its products, and giving them added value. Effective branding is the process of creating brands that evoke a positive response and a rational and emotional attachment to the target audience.

Daniel James Consulting offers a full range of branding and rebranding services to develop product, corporate, and financial brands - from forming a strategy and creative idea to the design of spaces. We have a unique experience in developing successful brands of companies, goods, and services from scratch in various price segments.

Market Analysis

You can’t construct your brand perfectly without doing thorough identity research. Market analysis, image, and positioning are the fundamental forces required to promote your business to a bigger audience and effectively differentiate it from your competitors. Our specialized experts will assist you in promoting your brand image locally and internationally and make it stand out.

Information is essential to building a successful brand. Together with the client, we conduct workshops, audits, and storms, in which we highlight the main problems and identify goals and objectives that need to be achieved in the process of work.

Image by Balázs Kétyi
Image by MK +2

Brand Strategy Development

Branding begins with research and analysis of the target audience, market, category, and product. We collect, segment, and analyze data using generally accepted and proprietary research methods, establish consumer motivations, and identify key communication ideas. In the future, this information serves as the basis on which the brand strategy is built.

The next step is a brand audit, which allows you to identify positive features and incorporate style and communications to use them when choosing a development vector. Based on the information collected earlier, we develop several positioning hypotheses and, after determining the optimal one, we create a brand platform.

Another important stage is the creation of a design strategy. The brand image is built based on positioning and the overall branding strategy. Our designers work on colors, fonts, graphics, photo style, and other visual components. 

The result of the comprehensive development of a brand strategy is a development program that describes in detail the actions that need to be taken to popularize a product or service, improve the company's reputation, and increase promotion efficiency.

Corporate Identity Development

The creation of a corporate identity is often perceived as developing a corporate color scheme and logo, which are further used in the design of spaces and product branding. This is a complex task, the correct solution of which allows you to form the "face" of the brand.

Corporate identity is a system of all visual elements used in the future to communicate with the target audience. When designing it, we consider how corporate colors, fonts, and graphics will look in different conditions - indoors and outdoors, in bright and low light, on a huge billboard, and a small business card.

Next, we create several brand visualization concepts and offer the customer to choose the preferred option, agree on common ideas, and make adjustments if necessary. After the project's final approval, the corporate identity is used to develop a design strategy, prepare animation elements and infographics, design spaces, create a website, etc.

The final step of this stage is the development of a brand book. The document describes the principles of visual elements, regulates the design of spaces, and contains recommendations for the use of corporate symbols, colors, fonts, and other corporate identity components.

Image by St James Studio
Image by Austin Distel

Brand Promotion

Work on developing and popularizing the brand begins with creating a communication strategy that forms the principles and system of interaction with consumers or with their various categories. At this stage, we define key tasks, divide the audience into target groups, and choose the manner and tone of communication.

How Much Does Brand Development Cost?

The cost of branding is one of the most common questions asked by all entrepreneurs who plan to order a service. However, it is impossible to name the exact price without discussing the details. Each brand is unique, which means that the work's composition will be different. For example, a manufacturer almost always needs to create packaging, and a retailer needs to design a retail space and navigation. And this is not the only factor influencing the cost of brand development. The price also depends on:

  • Activities

  • Number of services (naming, corporate identity, brand book, strategy, promotion, etc.)

  • Brand Scale - the larger the project, the more meanings need to be taken into account, and the greater the labor costs.

We offer affordable branding and rebranding services. There are no hidden charges, and everything is discussed during the initial consultation. We consider branding not as a chain of separate steps but as a holistic and indivisible process in which all stages are tightly intertwined and depend on each other. 

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