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Our proven PR tactics are based on two perspectives: Traditional Public Relations and B2B PR.

In cooperation with the development of your Social Content and Relationship Development, we will be creating Articles, Press Releases and a variety of targeted print and digital content in order to remain relevant and engaged with your audience.

Daniel James Consulting’s diverse and wide spread relationships with key industry professionals and media outlets will give your company an edge, differentiating you from competitors. Through an initial in-depth analysis of your goals and current position, we can either enhance or create these necessary and meaningful relationships which will be tailored to your company.

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Media Relations & Representation:

Ensuring content is not only accurate and updated, but reflects your organization in a positive and credible manner across all aspects of traditional and new media.

Crisis Management:


Planning. Response. Evaluation. Our teams’ experience and overall knowledge can ensure business continuity throughout any crisis regarding our client. The proper level of planning and management of your business’s image and content output will allow us to control the story and effectively resolve any crisis.

Social Media Management:


Our job is to maintain an accurate and credible perspective of your business across all social media platforms. Daniel James Consulting considers the management of these platforms ensures consistent, updated, and fascinating content.

Content Creation:


All content is curated specifically and personally for our clients’ needs and goals in order to bring their business to the next level.

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Integrated Marketing and Communications:

The combination of various marketing tools, strategies, and channels will reinforce and complement each other. This approach communicates our client’s message in the most efficient and effective way to the desired market.

Public Affairs:

This function is vital in the practice of public relations because it focuses on the building, maintaining and development of relationships in all aspects for our client.

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