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Do you want to achieve important business goals? If yes, videos can help you achieve your deserved success. The real purpose of a corporate video is to let potential buyers know the characteristics of their products or services and of their own reality. A video can also be useful for those who want to make a talent known, to the point of transforming their passion into a job or being an influencer. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to combine different quality factors and use the best digital marketing strategies.

Taking advantage of the support Daniel James Consulting offers, you will be able to take advantage of our video marketing service. This service includes everything you need to publish to win over your audience;

  • Video production and editing.

  • Inserting animations, subtitles, etc.

  • Adding coherent music or sounds.

Video Content Designed to Solve Your Marketing Problems

Sometimes it is difficult for large companies and small businesses to attract an audience with simple content - then video marketing comes to the rescue - any business content in video format, which today is not only a trend but also a tool that allows you to make a purchase decision in 90% of cases.

Compared to regular articles and photos, videos are more likely to grab the attention of an online audience. The reason for this is the constant presence of the entertainment component. Having videos on social media, websites, and emails will help you better understand your brand.

Videos created in our agency are not only a tool to increase sales.

With the right strategy, they can generate income on their own.

Image by Hunter Moranville
Image by Jakob Owens

Our Video Marketing Services

Our services come from our years of experience, during which we have always offered tailor-made solutions to companies and professionals looking for a qualified partner for the promotion of their company, their products and services, own initiatives, and events.

With our Video Marketing services, you can conquer new markets and acquire new customers even in times of difficulty and crisis. We are able to study for you, after a careful analysis of needs and the definition of certain and measurable objectives, the Video Marketing projects that will lead your company, your products, your initiatives, and events to be recognized and appreciated, used, and desired by an ever wider audience.

Not just words but concrete facts, effective and measurable results: at Daniel James Consulting, our main goal is to make sure that our Video Marketing services continue to meet all your needs. Apart from YouTube and your website, we also create videos designed for social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our video marketing services include:

Video Production

Moving images, company videos, product movies, motion design, and sound announce your message on the web and other on-screen presentations more actively, more interestingly and ensure even more attention. Daniel James Consulting arouses emotions in the viewer by wrapping your products and services in a moving story.

Making a video is part of a long process that starts with you. Tell us about yourself, your needs, who you want to talk to, and your budget. We will put together the team, our knowledge, and the professional equipment needed for your story.

YouTube Video Ads

Among the many platforms present online, YouTube is the best when you want to reach your target, thanks to videos. Our team of professionals will take care of making video ads suitable for publication on this platform.

If you have a company or are a self-employed professional, and you want to conquer your target audience, what you need is video storytelling. This is a marketing technique that works. It allows you to tell the story of a product, a company, a professional, and a passion through video. It consists of the creation of emotional videos, which conquer the public and help whoever published the video to make themselves known and remembered.

Taking advantage of our YouTube video ads creation services, you can count on our support in this case as well. We will be able to help you to tell and excite, to make you known and remembered.

Demo Video

A demo video introduces a potential customer to your company or product. If you call on a person to immediately buy, then this is definitely a losing situation. Therefore, in the demo video, we will tell you who you are and what your company does without importunity.

Video Ads

 We will create the best video ads for your business to be used on various platforms. Our video ads are ideal for both online and mainstream advertising spaces. We will consider your company’s needs to come up with a video that will meet your target audience.

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Aaron Weiss

Not Just Storytelling

Thanks to our experience, marketing skills, and the use of professional equipment and software, we can also create training, animated, and demonstration videos for you. The former may prove to be indispensable for providing correct information on the product's functioning. They can help you share your skills and can also be used to train your employees.

Animated videos are perfect if you want to offer a training course, present products, and services. Thanks to the use of motion graphics and effective symbols and texts, these videos manage to strike from an emotional point of view and be remembered.

Our video marketing services may also include the production of demonstration videos. These are useful, for example, to present a product and convince even the most undecided customer. In this case, specific shooting techniques can be used that highlight the product's characteristics, and it is possible to add a short tutorial to the movie.

What Business Objectives Does Video Marketing Solve?

  • Increases brand awareness and its presence on the Internet.

  • Increases activity on brand pages in social networks.

  • Gives personality and instils confidence in the brand of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • If you have video content on your website and social media, you are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page on Google

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