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Choosing a restaurant can be that one thing no one wants to be tasked with. What if it's not good? What if it doesn't look good? What if the options available are less than desirable? What makes these decisions easier is how exciting and intriguing these places seem to be, whether it be because of their modern website, fascinating décor, or delectable cuisine.  As a Full-Service Consulting Firm, Daniel James Consulting specializes in the growth and turn-around of restaurants, bars, clubs and lounges.  Based in the Greater New York Metro Area, the Hudson Valley and Connecticut, Daniel James Consulting focuses on a wide variety of services including Social Media Management, Website and Menu Design, Rebranding and Launching, and Marketing and Public Relations.  Using our extensive experience, our team is ready to face the many obstacles that arise when owning a business in the growing restaurant industry. 

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Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
restaurant consulting - Bar Consultant -

why hire a restaurant consulting firm

Turning-around a business can often be difficult.  As an owner of a business, having a plethora of different tasks can be frustrating and stressful.  This is where we come in.  As a consulting firm, we can assure you that if anything were to happen to your restaurant, we will be there to not only assist you but to create the necessary improvements that your business needs to become even better than it was before.  Turning-around your business is more than just revamping it – it’s an incredible opportunity to generate something new.

social media marketing

As we live in a growing modern world, technology means everything.  Social media is one of the most important aspects of the business world, as it allows business owners to reach out to their customers and ultimately gain the attention of more potential clienteles.  It is used as a way to promote businesses, gain market insights, and generate conversation.  Our incorporation of social media includes social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook because as they reach a larger audience, they connect those near and far while bringing attention to what’s new and up-and-coming.  It is imperative that in today’s day and age it is extremely important to keep up with the modern technology, as it will help take this process further. 

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website design​

At Daniel James Consulting, we are ready to embark upon the creation of any restaurant website and make it recognized throughout the internet.  Whether you simply want to refurbish your website or completely start from scratch, we are ready to make something that you will appreciate forever.  As computers are used everyday, it is important to have an appealing website, from both a desktop and mobile perspective, especially considering that this is one of the first things people see. 


menu content + design

Menu design is like writing a book.  If the book isn’t interesting, no one will read it.  Similarly, if a menu doesn’t catch the eyes of its customers, then therefore there will most likely be no sales.  Essentially, we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen, as we specialize in creating a menu that will not only be appealing to the eye but something that is perfect for everyone to read. Aside from the visual appeal and ease of understanding and utilization, a book won't get read without the proper content. We can help manipulate content including menu items, pricing, description and quantity of products, without requiring the need for additional inventory.

restaurant consulting - Bar Consultant -
restaurant consulting - Bar Consultant -

marketing + public relations


As a Full-Service Consulting Firm, we offer help in the areas of marketing and public relations as a way to create a harmony between the two, making it easier to manage your business.  Forming this harmony allows for the enhancement of the sales and profits of your business, as extreme amounts of exposure are provided.  This exposure is directed at potential customers who are likely to be attracted to all the things your restaurant has to offer, which is why this balance of marketing and public relations is so important.  With a plethora of experience, our firm is ready to take on this challenge and spread the word about your growing business.

Daniel James Consulting is an elite consulting firm that strives to help businesses flourish.  No matter how big or small the problem is, we are here to help in every situation, as we have the solutions to satisfy your needs.

Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting New York - Daniel
Restaurant Consulting | New York
Restaurant Photography | New York
Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron
Restaurant Consulting | New York
Restaurant Consulting | New York
Restaurant Photography | New York

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