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It's no coincidence that social media marketing is so popular. It has enormous potential, so it is also one of the most important areas of our services. Our agency contributes to your success with individual advice, complete management of pages and ads, and the creation of creative solutions that best suit your profile.

Why Social Media Presence is Important for Your Company

Regardless of your audience's gender, age, and interests, rest assured that almost everyone enjoys social media sites. Not everyone prefers the same social media platform: some people are active on Facebook, others are active on Instagram, and others are active on LinkedIn or Pinterest. Some spend their free time on TikTok.

Regardless of the target audience and user interface, continuous presence helps users – meaning your potential customers – get to know your brand and remember it. You can raise awareness of your business and attract new customers as a result. In addition, you can offer your consumers the opportunity to exchange ideas through continuous presence on social media. They can share their opinions and experiences and ask questions about your products or services. All of this increases the reputation and reliability of your brand.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy

  • Social ecosystem analysis of the brand

  • We develop a complete social strategy to optimize visibility, reputation, user interaction, and sales/loyalty processes.

  • Definition of metrics and objectives

  • Definition of activities and contents necessary for the achievement of the set objectives

Advertising, Creativity, and Development

  • Management of advertising campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok

  • Creative design and development of highly engaging creative campaigns (applications, contests, landing tabs, mini-sites)

  • Video ads

Content Development and Marketing

  • Definition of valuable content to increase visibility and interaction

  • Production of content related to your target (photos, videos, white papers, infographics, e-books, etc.)

  • Dissemination of content on channels and networks that can trigger word of mouth

  • Monitoring and reporting

Owned Media and Social Integration

  • Integration of plugins and social widgets on websites to increase interaction

  • Open Graph and Google Authorship integration

  • Integration of advanced sharing functions (Facebook actions, Facebook connect, etc.)

  • Social Wall integration that aggregates content from various profiles and brand pages

Social Presence Management

  • Social presence management and monitoring

  • Setup, personalization, and optimization of social profiles and brand pages

  • Interaction with users, moderation, and management of critical situations

  • Training for the corporate social media team

  • Monitoring and reporting

Social Brand Reputation

  • Sentiment Analysis of reputation on social media

  • Regular monitoring for real-time identification of shares and mentions

  • Planning strategies and corrective activities in case of negative citations

  • Competitors and keyword analysis and alerts

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Build Your Brand Image on Social Media with Daniel James Consulting

To create a positive brand image, you must consider a few points. One of the most important is identifying those brand elements that make you unique, i.e., different from your competitors. It is important to formulate a positive message that will set you apart from your competition. And this message needs to be communicated across the various social media platforms through visual elements and textual content.

To be able to design the image for your social media presence well, we first have to define your target group precisely. We can communicate your brand message in a variety of ways. We must deliver it in a form that meets the needs of your target group. This way, we can capture the attention of your potential customers, influence their emotions and encourage them to take action.

How Can this be Implemented?

 In the marketing analysis part of which, we discuss your current market situation, the marketing tools you use, and their results.

  • We create an analysis of your competitors.

  • Together we define the desired goals in the field of social media.

  • We determine the target groups to be addressed in the social network.

  • We select the channels that best suit your brand.

  • Together we determine the communication style and tone used on the site.

  • We design the external appearance of your Facebook company page.

  • We take care of the complete process of creating the poster.

  • We will help you to design the appropriate visual elements.

  • We design and set up your social media ads.

  • We create statistics and analyses to stay on the right course and to be able to improve constantly.

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Situation Analysis & Goal Setting

Analyzing your current social media marketing situation is essential to setting relevant goals and moving forward.

As part of the situation analysis:

  • we clarify your brand message and the parameters of your target group.

  • We analyze the efficiency of your listings in terms of organic and paid search results.

  • we review the visual elements and textual content of your posts; we analyze the activities of your competitors.

  • We then set the goals to be achieved, to which we assign processing deadlines. Once the goals have been set, it is time to plan and implement the strategy.

When it comes to advertising campaigns, we analyze the results monthly and several times a week and report on them with the same regularity. If necessary, we change the settings to achieve maximum profitability of advertising costs.

Why Choose Daniel James Consulting?

  • A team of seasoned enthusiasts, experts, and digital industry leaders who strongly believe in delivering results

  • Individual solutions adapted to the goals and objectives of customers

  • Deep understanding of user patterns, behaviors, and social media trends

  • A comprehensive approach based on technology and analytics

  • Own content authors to ensure that the most optimal content is used

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