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business consulting services overview


Strategic Planning

Developing an appropriate strategic plan directs a company towards success. But designing a proper strategic plan is not everyone's cup of tea, especially when you have other crucial business matters to attend to.

With the assistance of strategic planning consultants at Daniel James Consulting, you can construct an aligned strategic plan for your business. This will enable you to set long-term goals for your company while providing you with a vision and a mission.

We work together with your team to build a strategy that connects all the employees of your company and unifies them to achieve the most important objectives of your business.

Market and Competitor Research

It can be risky to expand your business without knowing your competitors and your target market. Thus, we at Daniel James Consulting want to ensure that your business flourishes without setbacks.

Our market research services will enable you to find potential customers for your product or service. And our competitor research services will help you steal the limelight from your opponents as we will provide you with factors that you need to work on to enhance your uniqueness.

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Competitor Analysis

You cannot outperform your opponents in a market as long as you lack awareness of them, their strategic plans, and their SWOT analysis. Our experienced analysts and researchers will help you understand the tactics used by your competitors to attract customers. We use multiple tools to assess your competitors and figure out their techniques for getting more sales and achieving their goals.

Business Plans

Without a proper plan of action, it is unlikely to achieve your goals. We understand how time-consuming it is to come up with an implementable business plan. So, Daniel James Consulting is always available with their business plan designing services at your rescue.

Get in touch with us today and share your vision and idea with us. We will convert your idea into an appropriate plan, defining your aims and objectives for the future. Our experts will sit together with you to give words to your ideas.

Marketing Plans

Promoting your product or service the right way has a considerable impact on your sales. Hence, it is essential to develop a perfect marketing plan or strategy. We will develop the correct marketing strategy for your product or service that will attract more customers, boost your sales, and generate more significant profit. Our team of industry-leading professionals know how to derive the perfect plan that will help grow your business.

Website ADA / WCAG Accessibility

Website ADA / WCAG accessibility compliance in today's corporate world is a compulsion. Otherwise, you will always be at the risk of getting sued. And besides, making your website accessible for disabled persons will only boost your web traffic. Make your website open for business for more than 61 million disabled Americans. We do not incorporate the use of AI tools to make your website ADA accessible. Instead, we do it the accurate way to make sure we are solving the problem and not just masking it.

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Public Relations

We do not expect you to handle the matters of your business while simultaneously attempting to create a strong perception of your company in the market. You can leave that job for us. We know how to engage, influence, and create a profitable bond with customers, prospects, and service providers alike that will benefit your company and develop a positive perception of your brand in the eyes of the public.

Cost Consolidation and Pricing Analysis

Your pricing can make or break the image of your brand in the eyes of the public. Hence, it is vital to develop an appropriate pricing strategy that will help you generate profit from sales while also making your product or service affordable for your audience.

Let’s improve your bottom line by using multiple strategies that will boost your sales, increase your customer satisfaction, and lower your costs.

Training and Coaching

We are result-driven and work hard to ensure that your issue is given the best possible solution. We can help you with professional sales coaching to boost the morale of your sales team and train them on how to develop, spot, and convert leads. We can mentor your analysts to develop and help them develop more appropriate strategic plans.

Talent Acquisition and Management

Hiring the right employees for your organization can be a challenging task. It takes great assessment skills to choose the right person for the right job. With our talent acquisition and management services, you can bid farewell to this duty of your HR department.

We will help you pick out the most talented individuals out of a pool of candidates. Our team is proficient in identifying the skills in an individual that can meet your business needs. Apart from hiring, we can also assist in development of employee retention programs and tactics.

Confidential Documentation Management

A very critical concern of every organization is the security of its private information and documents. We develop, deploy and train on best practice for communication, data storage, and transfer of confidential information and documentation. We will help you collect, organize, and efficiently store all documentation within both internal and external capacities.

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