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wix website design & development


Customized Wix Website Design & Development Services

It’s time to explore the multi-potential, high-demand Wix platform and discover its top-notch capabilities. At Daniel James Consulting, we have a bunch of well-trained, expert, and perfectly professional Wix developers who can develop highly advanced Wix websites. You can easily plan strategic business promotions and create advanced business websites using the trusted platform.

In a world of extreme competition, standing out appeal above other competitors is critical to capturing your potential customers into the custom sales funnel. Along with content quality, the ultimate visual presentation of your store plays a vital role in perfectly enticing valued customers.

We understand your business needs and ensure you of a web store that will influence customer experience positively.

Your Website is Your Identity— Get it Perfectly Build by Wix Experts

We have a proven track record of building aesthetically appealing, enviable websites using this platform. Our creative team focuses on delivering highly superlative-quality sites by utilizing multi-functionality of it. Being an expert in creating wonders, we will definitely unravel all the possibilities of Wix, uncovering its range of features with dollops of premium creativity to sculpt that brilliant site that one can take pride in.​

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Our Design & Development Process

Our team integrates multiple necessary features, like Chat, API, CM, Credit Card Processing, Customizable Templates, Multi-Channel Communication, and much more. Our creative team members are excellent at designing the look and wholesome feel of our customer’s webstore.

ReadyMade Themes: With more than 800+ themes, Wix offers you an array of options to choose from. We can select the theme based on the features list.

Tailored Themes: Tailored design allows our valued customers choose a readymade Wix theme, offer inputs for particular branding, and make major to minor changes to existing features. We communicate customers’ business objects and focus on creating a better-tailored eCommerce experience.

Custom Designed Themes: This option lets us gather specific functional requirements to create appealing custom Wix visual themes to cater to clients’ unique functional and non-functional requests, providing ultimate flexibility.

Wix Vs. Editor X: Do You Know the Difference?

Editor X is one of the new website builders that offer extended design flexibility, an integrated development environment, collaboration tools, and much more. Wix introduces it, so both share many features in common. But Editor X is a better option for design teams, expert developers, and creators. Let’s see some differences in both:

  • With Editor X, a user can manually edit the breakpoints on a page. Breakpoints are defined as functionality that controls when content elements should respond when a user’s screen size changes.

  • Editor X is the best option as it offers simultaneous editing. It means seeing where other people are working, leaving comments, and assigning tasks. It lets you define user roles and permissions for web changes.

  • Unlike Wix, Editor X includes an integrated development environment, which means you can edit the website’s CSS and add Javascript easily by using the built-in code editor. It additionally offers a Node.js server for smoothly testing Javascript code.

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