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Daniel James Consulting Receives Multiple Awards for their Support & Development of Main Street USA

Press Release

Daniel James Consulting Receives Multiple Awards for their Support & Development of Main Street USA throughout the Pandemic

New York-based full-service development firm Daniel James Consulting’s “community-first” approach has led them to recently celebrating winning multiple awards for its continued support and development of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As with most businesses, the past year and a half has been tough; met with uncertainty and the necessity to adapt on a weekly, if not daily, basis to ensure the needs of the business, their employees and their communities were met. Adaptation to rules and regulations were incredibly tough and finding new ways to produce, sell and delivery became challenges faced by all. Developing procedures for remote collaboration, e-commerce capabilities or adapting to and embracing the transition from primarily in-person to take-away, delivery or remote servicing was a role in which years of past experiences would prove more beneficial than ever.

“Primarily, we have done two things to try to help during Covid,” commented Daniel Neidorf, the passionate founder of the firm. “First, we focused on helping clients develop their digital footprint; encompassing website development, e-commerce capabilities, digital solutions and increasing their marketing and advertising efforts, so that things like lockdowns and limited ability to work face to face would have less of a negative impact. We also tailored payment plans and offered development discounts to ensure they had the financing in house to avoid laying off staff, something our clients have really appreciated. In some cases, billing was extended over 90 days, giving our clients room to adjust and adapt.”

He continued, “Our goal was to keep Main Street USA open and operating with a resiliency-focused approach. It is amazing that our efforts have been embraced and we have even won some awards for our help. Which we weren’t expecting at all.”

Daniel James Consulting is a full-service business consulting firm that focuses on full service digital footprint management, design, development, marketing, and advertising for startup to medium business.

Over the past year and a half, the firm has been recognized with the following awards: MARsum Top 100 Leaders in Marketing & Advertising 2020-2021; DesignRush 2021 Top 30 New York Web Design Agencies; UpCity 2020 Local Excellence Award and a double recognition by Expertise in both Best Advertising Agencies and Best Web Development Companies 2020.

While based in New York, the firm serves clients worldwide. Some highlights of its client roster include Grella Partnership Strategies, The Cipriani Restaurant & Hospitality Group, RIX Magazine, Accelerated Health LLC., Nation One Mortgage Corporation, TGM Global Inc., Casa Building Materials, Salon O, and many others. Client retention is currently 7+ years, and over 200 clients have been assisted internationally.

Feedback from clients have been extremely positive across the board.

Mike Grella, former Amazon Executive & President of Grella Partnership Strategies, recently said in a five-star review, “Daniel's superpowers, and he has many, transform his client's companies, websites, social and digital media, engagement, marketing advertising & outreach into a quantum level of effectiveness and efficiency. His attention to detail, responsiveness, creativity, proactive outreach and constantly iterating and inventing is second to none. Daniel has completely transformed my Company's website and our entire approach to social and digital strategy. He understands the constantly evolving world of search engine optimization and how to generate maximum exposure and return on investment. A project I engaged Daniel for was initially priced at $60,000 by a national digital marketing/PR firm was completed for a fraction of the cost and you would not be able to distinguish the results.”

If your business is in need of assistance with Marketing, Digital Footprint Development or Adapting & Evolving to your community’s current state of operation and for the latest from the firm visit: Media Contact Company Name: Daniel James Consulting Contact Person: Daniel Neidorf Phone: 914-608-2700 City: New York Country: United States


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