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grella partnership strategies.



Grella Partnership Strategies (GPS) is an economic development collective delivering results through a holistic suite of traditional and progressive services. Focusing on responsible growth for the betterment of all. Core service offerings are centric to business development, expansion, and strategic initiatives.

We are passionate connectors, grand storytellers, fearless advocates, trusted advisors, and insightful strategists. With a balance of bravado and humility, our goal is to partner with like-minded organizations committed to inclusion, equity, sustainability, smart growth, and social responsibility. It is time to disrupt the status quo and the GPS collective is on your side.

Introduce in the freshman months of Grella Partnership Strategies, we were tasked with utilizing and deploying their digital footprint based on a color palette and logo presented to us. 

Since our introduction over two years ago, we have designed, developed and deployed their website and all Social Platforms along with written content for one-pagers and targeted outreach. We have been involved with day-to-day operations from a technology standpoint from hardware to software and application rollouts. Furthermore, we provide "in-house" solutions for Grella Partners by means of conducting audits, developing marketing strategies and implementing data driven deliverables. 


the project.


deployed services.

• Website Development UI/UX

• ADA Compliance

• SEO & SEM (On & Off-Site)

• Structured Data Development

• Systems Development Including by not limited to:

Office 365, Google Workspace, Pipedrive

• Social Media Platform Design

• Email Marketing and Targeted Outreach

with Cold Lead List Development

• Competitor Analysis & Audits


• GPS Client Project Requirements Fulfillment


the client says it best.


Daniel's superpowers, and he has many, transform his client's companies, websites, social & digital media, engagement, marketing advertising & outreach into a quantum level of effectiveness & efficiency. His attention to detail, responsiveness, creativity, proactive outreach and constantly iterating & inventing is second to none. Daniel has completely transformed my Company's website and our entire approach to social & digital strategy. He understands the constantly evolving world of search engine optimization and how to generate maximum exposure and return on investment. A project I engaged Daniel for was initially priced at $60,000 by a national digital marketing/PR firm was completed for a fraction of the cost and you would not be able to distinguish the results.

GPS' website UI/UX is second to none and it is entirely attributable to Daniel's efforts & expertise. Daniel is constantly looking for ways to save his client's money so they can allocate that savings for other projects and programs. He raises the bar on customer experience, response time, creativity, value delivered.

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