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Software Spotlight: Signaturely

Every professional has struggled to figure out the over-complicated “e-signature”. The document doesn’t download correctly, you send the wrong version back, or you struggle to find the file at all. Signaturely offers a simplified solution to this everyday problem. Once you upload and send the document, all the receiver has to do is sign. This innovative software has even figured out a way to make the signing process more simple and efficient than you think.

Not only does this program develop signing fields, but it also offers guided signing with multiple options.

• Find where to sign easier than ever as the document guides you down to the correct section. The guided signing ability allows for professionals to focus on the depth of the document, rather than stressing over the easiest (but sometimes the most tedious) task.

• Next, you can either type, draw, or upload your signature. Signature offers several options so that you can provide your best signature. Some of us struggle with electric signing, so typing may be the easiest option.

• If you are unsure whether to sign yet, consider utilizing Signaturely’s team collaboration component. You can enable your team to collaborate on the document, create a final version, and then sign. Nobody wants to sign a document when they don’t know what they are agreeing to, or if they feel there can be additional edits and compromises.

Signing has been made easy, but so is getting a signature from a client or fellow coworker. With this software, you can send documents to get signed and save signatures for future documents. This increases the amount of time you can spend doing more important tasks, rather than focusing on the nitty gritty details of signage. Signaturely also has the power to significantly reduce paper waste, as well as the possibility of losing significant documents. Simply save the signed documents to your computer.

Signaturely prides its software being much faster than snail-mail or fax machines. Plus, there is no need to hold an in-person meeting to simply sign a document. Remote signing is paving the future for a more efficient workplace. When sending a document to clients or coworkers, be sure to communicate that they can easily sign from their phone or computer. This makes signing necessary documents when traveling or working remotely effortless.

This software also offers templates for easy collaboration. Choose a template, share it with your team, and start working. The sign order option will make life even easier, and you won’t receive documents back once they are fully signed and in the right order, from the right people. Even the most organized people can appreciate this organization being done automatically and within minutes.

When deciding on whether or not to purchase a signature-based software, consider Signaturely’s powerful features and whether or not they can save your business a significant amount of time. First, they offer automated tracking of all signatures. You can see which documents are signed, unsigned, and pending. The software even allows you to send reminders if a document has not been signed yet. In addition, all your documents will be organized within one platform. Track, store, and search documents anytime. You will be able to save legal backup for you and your signers, which is something a paper document can not offer. The legal audit log saves this critical information in the case that you may need to find it.

Make Signaturely your customized hub for all important documents. Get notifications, import contacts, manage your team, and integrate branding. Administrative costs will be significantly reduced from hours worth of paperwork, to minutes.


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