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Software Spotlight: Wave Video

Creating unique, impressive videos can be difficult for a creator or business without the relevant education. You need to focus on a quality picture, decent sound haptics, graphics, and formatting specifics. Wave Video has responded to this issue by developing an innovative, all-in-one video editing and live streaming platform. This software combines live streaming audio, video recording, editing, a thumbnail maker, and video hosting into one product. With the Wave Video subscription, users can access millions of Stock images, videos, and graphics to sharpen up any video.

Every business and influencer should be able to create influential videos of great quality, especially in this digital age. Check out the features of Wave Video below.

Video Editor: Wave allows users to create professional videos easily and quickly. Trim, crop, apply filters, and resize as many videos as you want. The subscription is unlimited, and provides the same feature and abilities for every video. You can even apply templates to your video for advertisements, notifications, celebratory alerts, and much more.

Live Streaming Studio: Multi stream pro-level videos with Wave, including a branded look. Add different templates to the broadcast to develop a unique feel, and save them as presets to apply to each livestream. You can also stream content from several cameras at once, allowing for fans to view you from different angles. Easily keep track of comments with the adjustable chat box and respond to your audience as you maintain the show.

Thumbnail Maker: Creating the thumbnail can seem like the most frustrating part of video creation, but Wave Video makes this process easy. Develop custom video thumbnail covers with this program’s free thumbnail creator. An engaging image can increase likes, comments, and views within minutes. Simply choose an image from your video, and apply a creative template.

Video Hosting: Make your video look like your own with Wave, giving your audience the best viewing experience possible. Embed and edit anywhere, and take control of your video hosting. Users are able to customize the player, choose how the audience will view the video, and allow people to easily share videos in a secure format with customizable landing pages. This is perfect for businesses, online educators, blogs, agencies, and e-commerce companies.

Stock Libraries: Access millions of stock images and videos to create a high-quality streaming experience. Users no longer have to search the web for the best graphic, since it can all be found in one place with this platform. Wave also includes royalty-free music that will best fit the mood of the video and boost engagement.

Take your marketing to the next level with Wave Video, and find out how you can easily create videos that will captivate your audience. If you run out of ideas for content, this platform offers an inspirational calendar with video ideas that anyone can use. Join about two million marketers who already use Wave to grow their business, and take advantage of these impressive features.


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