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Top 10 Summer Marketing Tips

With every changing season comes different marketing techniques and trends. But sometimes, you can get stuck and unable to come up with great, new ideas. These ideas will allow you to capitalize on the hottest season of the year, while also creating an easy plan to follow.

  1. Summer Events: Take a look at what your town, or nearby towns, are doing for the summer. There are typically endless summer cookouts, art festivals, concerts, and block celebrations where businesses are able to promote and sell their products. Local events can increase exposure, and allow potential customers to see your business as being involved in the community.

  2. Email Campaigns: If you have not already, get your email campaigns ready for the summer and fall months. Think about newsletters, blogs, and different promotions that are important for this time of year. Every business should be consistently developing email campaigns throughout the year, but the popularity of summer events will also allow you to gain new subscribers.

  3. Blog Post: Keyword and phrase SEO research is always necessary when writing blogs or marketing campaigns, but be sure to nail down those summer keywords as well. Industries can have specific items or words that are more popular during summer months, and company blogs have the ability to capitalize on this and pull new people to the website.

  4. Summer Themes: Pay attention to how large corporations incorporate summer and even wedding themes into their campaign this month. They may often sound corny, but they are effective in triggering the human brain to think about what they may want this season. So don’t be afraid to utilize similar, corny, summer marketing phrases into your marketing campaigns. Try searching “summer marketing themes” to find endless phrases, such as “make a splash”.

  5. Marketing Hashtags: As always, keep your social media rolling strong during these popularized months. Utilize those corny marketing phrases within social media posts, because people will often be checking and using these themes for their personal posts. These phrases will be sure to put you on the right pages.

  6. Social Media Campaigns: Develop monthly social media campaigns that are specifically summer-themed. Restaurants may want to promote their summer cocktails or frozen drinks, while retail stores will want to showcase how their products are useful on the beach or for a pool day. Try to take photos that reflect the summer months, rather than bash against them.

  7. SWOT Analysis: Remember to audit your company SWOT analysis this quarter, and reflect on how the past season has impacted your company. Keep growing those strengths, while also trying to actively improve weaknesses. Summer is the perfect season to try new marketing techniques to improve your business, especially since summer is the second most expensive season, behind winter.

  8. End of Summer Sales: When we think of season sales, we probably think of retail industries. However, every industry has the ability to take advantage of an end of season sale. Marketing firms may offer a limited consulting promotion, while restaurants may offer an end of the season drink special.

  9. Summer Event: We already mentioned getting involved in local events, but consider hosting your own. People are more likely than any other season to attend events, specifically outdoor events where drinks, food, and games are offered. This certainly does not need to be a large or expensive event either. For instance, a retail store may consider running an hourly raffle contest for a day to raise money and awareness for a local non-profit organization.

  10. Labor Day: Prepare for Labor Day events, promotions, and marketing campaigns. Pay attention to local events for that week, including promotions that your competitors will start marketing soon. Create social media posts, email campaigns, and blog posts to reflect the holiday and to celebrate the end of the season.


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