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Your Social Media Daily Checklist

Every social media manager needs a daily checklist to stay focused, especially if they manage several accounts. For small businesses that may not have a dedicated marketing manager, this checklist still applies and is easy to follow. Having a written form to follow daily, monthly, and even yearly can be a simple way to ensure social media engagement and growth. But no matter if you are a seasoned social media marketer or the owner of a one man show, remember the brand. Understand what ideas, images, and aesthetics you want potential customers to perceive and stay consistent.

Managing a company’s image can be overwhelming, which is why staying organized is a top priority. You are interacting with potential customer’s daily and can very quickly damage a brand’s reputation. The internet is forever, so also be weary of the political and social climate you are commenting on. Despite these possible issues, managing an account on the daily can be loads of fun. Follow the below checklist to maintain and grow your social media presence.

  1. Share Content: Not all businesses can post a photo or video everyday, but it is important to try to share something on the daily. This can be a photo, video (such as Instagram Reels), or a story. Feel free to even reshare a prior post on the account’s story and add an update, caption, or fun survey. It is also worth noting that for Instagram, posting Reels (at least weekly) is essential in order to stay relevant on the new algorithm. Incorporate your new marketing campaigns and social media trends to every bit of content.

  2. Respond to Comments and Messages: As the social media manager, you never want to leave comments and messages without a timely response. Public comments can ruin the reputation of a company, and sometimes you may have to delete comments or block offenders. Direct messages must also be responded to accordingly, as these potential customers may have pressing questions. Simply put, stay engaged with your audience!

  3. Check Brand Mentions: Always check your tags and mentions daily. Oftentimes, customers are posting the product and tagging the brand to receive some recognition. Like the photo, leave a comment, and reshare the post on a story. This creates free publicity and allows for the customer to feel great about their experience. Brand mentions can also be negative, which require an immediate reaction.

  4. Identify Trends: This can possibly be done weekly, but trends tend to change everyday. With TikTok creating new filters, sounds, and dances everyday, social media users try to interact with as many trends as possible. These trends are even rolling into other platforms. To increase engagement, interact and recreate these trends with your own product and staff. On the daily, you can simply write down the current trends to post and create another day.

  5. Interact with Influencers: To develop relationships with influencers, interaction is essential. You should already have a list of micro and macro influencers that your account would be interested in working with (if not, start working on one). Follow those influencers, and pay attention to their stories, posts, and videos. Always like and comment on their content, as they will begin to pay attention to your brand over time. This creates a positive, interactive relationship.


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