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What is Email Marketing and How Do I Use It?

There are tons marketing strategies that are actively being used by companies to promote themselves to their current customers and potential customers. These marketing techniques vary in many ways including the cost, who sees it, and how it is being shown. One popular technique that many businesses and companies use is email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an easy and relatively inexpensive way of promoting and sharing information about a business to a list of people using email. Email marketing helps businesses by strengthening bonds with pre-existing customers, sharing promotions and deals, keeping the business in the minds of customers, marketing products, and much more.

With email marketing, the business has much more control of exactly who sees what and when they see it. Oftentimes, when marketing over social media or other platforms, the business does not control who actually sees the advertisement. With email marketing, businesses use lists of people who have already opted into receiving the emails. The company can choose when they want to share the information and how they want it formatted.

The price of email marketing entirely depends on the email campaign. In other words, the price depends on how many emails you send, how often you send them, how many people are subscribed to your email listing, and the platform that you choose to send the emails. Although it completely varies, it is significantly cheaper than many other marketing strategies.

How do I use email marketing?

First, you need to get a list of email addresses from customers that give you permission to send them emails. You can do this by asking people to sign up for your email listing on your website and in-person in stores. You may want to incentivize this by offering coupons and other offers through the emails. The campaign may begin with just a few handfuls of customers, but it will likely increase over time.

Your customers probably get dozens, if not hundreds, of emails every single day. You need to have your emails stand out from the rest. This starts with the subject line. The subject line of an email gives us a very, very brief description of what the email is about. If the subject line is something boring, we are going to assume that the email is boring and we will not want to click on it.

If you have your enticing subject line, now you follow through with the rest of the email. The contents of the email will vary depending on the purpose of the email, but regardless of the content, the email should look interesting. The email should be orderly, easy to follow, and attractive. If the email looks dull and boring, people are not going to want to read through it.

Email marketing is not as difficult as it sounds and it can be significantly more effective than you may think. Email marketing is more targeted than other marketing strategies and it can help build a direct relationship with consumers. We hope that we were able to answer some of the questions you may have about email marketing.


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