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Understanding How SEO Works

The acronym, SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are three main aspects to understanding SEO and why it is vital to modern digital marketing; presence, usability, and quality. The internet has a vast array of sources to provide users with what they’re looking for, so how is your business going to stand out while also actually giving the audience the content they need?

Presence. Being proactive with your business’ content is crucial to staying relevant. When it comes to SEO, activity is best complimented by element strategy. This means that the bet formula for an effective presence online is the strategic use of digital elements such as keywords, hashtags, title tags, and links. These elements greatly influence your online presence through encouraging visitor behavior and actually can directly impact how the quality of your site/page is perceived. The level of engagement and effort to a business’ site is going to have a positive effect on how users visualize it and therefore, how the search engine decides if this is something they are or should be actively looking for.

Usability. Your goal when using SEO systems should be to find solutions for your audience. The word solutions in this sense refers to allowing your content and information to be accessible as well as effective. The use of active links, clear organization of content, and non-misleading visuals will all contribute to a strong level of usability throughout your platforms. The structure and design of your site will play into the usability of it in a more external way. This means that that the accessibility regarding actual use can still impact the likeability of the site in general. A site that looks great and may have good content, but it is unable to be properly accessed and searched through will ultimately find a lack of traffic brought to the site.

Quality. Previously touched on topics of content and design are more prioritized when discussing the overall quality of your business’ site. While one may view a business’ engagement with their audience to solely rely on activity, it can just as highly reflect the quality of your content. Your search relevance is directly associated with visibility; where is your brand’s content seen, what and who is your content associated with, what demographic is your available content aligning with. If your business’ online presence does not identify with the answers to these questions that your company assumes it does, then your quality will not meet your goals and also will lack credibility. It is important to understand a search engines set algorithm in order to be proactively aware of your personal content quality and how that is manipulated by the dynamic search engine optimization system.


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