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Top Five Marketing Strategies of 2023

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Marketing is constantly shifting because of the expectations of society within a given time. These promotions change with social media and popular trends that arise. Due to this being the case, marketing strategies come and go.

With this being an area of consistent growth and change, there are tactics that proved to be beneficial in the year, 2022. Here are some of the most highly regarded techniques used in marketing this past year.

Strategy 1: Use Canva

With graphic design correlating directly with marketing, this realm is considered vital in this field. The graphic design platform, Canva, altered the ways in which graphics are made. Canva uses social media and presentation-based graphics to assist brands. Their pre-made templates allow this process to be simplified and easy for any user.

This tool provides professional looking designs for any business. This website allows those with no design background to produce professional-looking arrangements with little effort. It has been used commonly in the past year as it allows businesses to display their ideas in a way that is well executed.

Strategy 2: Stay up to date with TikTok Trends

The application TikTok has seen exponential growth in ways that few other social media platforms have experienced. This application has proven to be a remarkable form of promotion as its use of short videos is beneficial to sales for any business.

As TikTok was in the limelight of social media in 2022, this website played a remarkable role in online sales and marketing. As this website focuses on trends to carry out much of their influence on users it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends taking over this platform and others like it.

Strategy 3: Utilization of Passage Ranking

Google uses passage ranking to process the passages on their website. Brands use this tool to optimize their ratings against similar businesses in the Google search engine. In 2022, updates in Google allowed this tool to be used in a more meaningful manner than ever before.

This improvement brought with it the use of keywords to highlight a business on a more extensive search basis. This allows a business to bring in consumers and further their customer relations through a basic networking method.

Strategy 4: Use Instagram Stories

Though Instagram has been a leading social media platform in marketing for over a decade, Instagram stories were first introduced to the site in 2016. These stories enable the sharing of photos in videos on a temporary basis which allows them to not be featured on one's profile after 24 hours unless saved to an Instagram highlight. This tool brought with it new opportunities for photo and video sharing. With the increase of applications like TikTok, Instagram has utilized this feature more regularly in 2022 and has seen in commonly used in the realm of marketing and sales.

Strategy 5: Apply Data Analytics

Data analytics allows brands to follow trends in the utilization of their products or services. Through using this information, they can gain insights which can be used to personalize the content being put out in an efficient manner. This marketing strategy provides consumer data to gain relevant information that can be turned into effective sales plans going forward.

In 2022, the use of this information continued to prove a priority as businesses used it in following consumer behavior and activity. This concept allowed them to upload client interaction and interest as they could follow their connections.


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