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The Importance of Company Blogs

Marketing and advertising is constantly changing, and businesses must change too. It is no longer as simple as producing an ad or commercial, and expecting it to reach the target audience. There is still power in a simple product marketing campaign, but marketers also need to learn to innovate in their strategy. In today’s day and age, businesses are no longer exclusively providing information that directly relates to a specific product or service. Instead, potential customers are seeking information via content marketing.

In this context, content marketing refers to the creation of blogs and landing pages. When an individual searches “marketing tips for small businesses” or “social media hacks”, they should be reading information from a professional. That professional can be the business owner, marketing director, or an experienced assistant. These individuals are often responsible for writing blogs and articles surrounding their expertise. Therefore, people can learn about a topic from an individual with actual experience in the field. The concept is to allow the customer to seek out information instead of information seeking them.

Of course, the goal is to educate the individual and reroute them to the products or services of that business. The blog may be on the website, in which the customer can further explore content. Or, the blog may lead to a landing page in which additional information resides. It is understandable that many businesses do not want to take this extra step, especially because it costs time, and does not guarantee a sale. However, businesses must realize that innovation in marketing is necessary for success. To get started, check out the tips below.

  1. Creating Structure: Decide what type of content to write about and post, and stay consistent with that content. It should relate back to the company and provide beginners information. Develop a posting schedule, such as weekly or biweekly blogs. As always, provide this information on consistent platforms which should include the website and forms of social media.

  2. Writing the Content: A company blog may not be the simplest way to guarantee a sale, but it should still ignite interest in the business. For instance, a social media marketer will only provide basic tips and information about media creation. They will not write lengthy articles that surround the depths of their experience and education. The blogs should be easy to read and interesting for the target audience. Think about what your potential clientele would want to read about.

  3. Seeking Assistance: It can be difficult for a small business owner to write a weekly blog, post the information, and carry out their regular duties. The goal of these blogs is to eventually generate more revenue, which will allow for the business to hire an intern or marketing assistant to assist in the development of a company blog. Or, reach out to marketing firms that already understand the importance of content marketing and can help you create the most effective blog possible.


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