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The Danger of Artificial Intelligence

Citizens, the government, and businesses are continuously discussing how artificial intelligence is being ethically used. This type of technology is a difficult concept to think about, and is not yet properly regulated. It is a new topic that many people are uneducated about, and therefore do not know how to protect themselves against direct tactics. Both small and large companies are embracing artificial intelligence, or AI, and utilize it to improve marketing strategies. However, both citizens and the government are concerned that this technology is invasive to personal privacy.

AI has the ability to optimize advertising strategies, including spending and finding accurate target markets. Educated marketers are no longer being relied on for market knowledge and research, since technology now has this information down to an exact science. Businesses can improve spending and more accurately target consumers who will realistically purchase the product. This makes the utilization of modern marketing more affordable, especially for small businesses who take advantage of AI. Artificial intelligence is an incredible tool for a blooming business, but there may be a great cost to the customer.

  • First, consider a company’s perspective when deciding on whether or not to use artificial intelligence. It allows businesses to hyper-personalize ads and the customer experience. This includes content design, ads, recommendations, settings, ect. Major search engines and platforms, such as Google, have the ability to track the likes and dislikes of every individual to promote specific brands. This allows people to find new products, see less irrelevant ads, and have an easier online shopping experience. After all, if we are going to see a million ads per day, they might as well be relevant.

  • However, some believe that AI technology is invasive and does not consider privacy. Search engines, software, and AI are constantly listening to our conversations and tracking our search history. Technology knows more about us than ever, and suggests products that we didn't even know we wanted. To many, this is frightening and suggests that people are being treated as trackable piggy banks. There is a concern that corporations will want to saturate personalization and the advertising industry by invading privacy.

There are many sides to every story, and the continuous development of AI will only increase the conversation of modern marketing. Businesses want to make more money, and invading individual privacy is the most cost and time efficient way to succeed. Small businesses may grow quicker than ever, while corporations will advance dangerously fast. Targeted advertisements and listening technology is definitely invasive, but many citizens enjoy the convenience of targeted ads in a saturated market. If we have to view ads anyways, we might as well take advantage of AI and only see products and brands that genuinely interest us. No matter your opinion, it is important to stay informed about the level of privacy that AI permits, as well as your government’s role in this regulation.


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