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Student Spotlight: The Benefits of a High School Internship Program: For the..." by Hannah Smolicz

Hannah Smolicz is currently an undergrad student and was previously a “client” of ours. She reached out to us four years ago for assistance with developing an e-Commerce presentation for her DECA competition. Now, as she continues her educational journey, Hannah is back as a guest content writer, with a goal of developing her portfolio and providing relevant content and interesting perspectives to our clients.


The Benefits of a High School Internship Program: For the Student and Business

In high school, students are expected to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their life and choose the best institution to support that future. They are supposed to figure that out without ever experiencing the realities of a career, all while having to continuously memorize and understand irrelevant information. It is often argued that the American educational system is flawed because it does not allow students to explore careers, like an internship does. Internships at any level of education prepare students for the future, and are a significant component of any school or institution. Before entering the professional dome, students must develop the professional skills necessary to success. They also must gain a competitive edge in a world fueled by endless competition, and having an internship on a resume is powerful. Not only do internships help students, but they also help businesses continue the success of their business through the next generation.

First, let’s explore how an internship helps students develop professional skills. They will go through an interview process, network with various colleagues, email and speak professionally with supervisors, work as a team to solve worldly problems, and learn the real consequences of submitting tasks on time. These may all seem like basic components of being a great employee, but more often than not students have not perfected the basics before entering college. Many do not even understand how to develop a resume, or write a cover letter, or develop a professional email. Students must gain those skills in high school, even if they involve themselves in an internship and hate it. Very often, we hear of adults hating their career path because they never had an opportunity to find their passion, which is obviously not an appealing future. Taking several internships can change that outcome.

High school internships also promote competition among students. In order to be a success, students need to build their careers early on in life. The world has evolved, and the timeline has simply changed. Having an internship will impress college admissions, college internship applications, and full-time jobs. To further understand this, the Society of Human Resource Management interviewed 300 employers. With a high school internship, 70% said that it is likely a student will land a college internship and 45% state that it is likely the student can land a full-time job. 90% say that students can get into a better college, while 83% agree that an internship will yield a better paying job in the future. In reality, the world is now more competitive than ever, for better or worse Internships are not just an arguable part of the high school experience, but they are a need if institutions want to enhance student success.

Not only do internships benefit students, but they also greatly benefit businesses. By offering opportunities to the next generation, companies are also creating brand awareness. High school students will now associate a brand name to a business they would have otherwise not paid attention to. Bringing in interns also allows a business to find future employees, if pleased with the experience. They may find an incredible fit for a specific position, allowing them to remain competitive with other businesses. Great companies are always on the lookout for employees with a passion for the work, and can actually find this at the high school level. Students are capable of building upon their skills and becoming an asset to a business, even at the high school level. More businesses should be taking advantage of this possibility, as well as the opportunity to help their local community.


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