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Spring Time Trends to Be Aware of for Your Advertising Campaigns This Season

Spring is upon us and with the new season comes a fresh and new sense of energy, especially from consumers. After a long winter, your campaign messaging and theme might be considered stale and unfitting while people celebrate spring time holidays and warmer weather. The sun is brighter and plants are blooming, but are your advertising and marketing efforts aligning with consumers newfound spring fever?

People are looking to clean out, refresh, and incorporate new colorful aspects to their lifestyle so here are a few tips to make sure your marketing efforts are cohesive with these consumer spring time habits.

Play Off of Popular Spring Holidays. Widely recognized holidays such as Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Memorial Day are all opportunities to connect with and reach consumers’ interests. It is important to recognize how your business or industry is can be associated with the trends of each holiday and to create campaigns focused around the personal link between you and your consumer base. Memorial Day tends to be a popular vacationing or beach-going weekend — spring break is also huge for anything travel, Easter drives candy and food sales, and Mother’s Day is a one of the biggest gift and restaurant goer holidays. If you are looking for digital ways to be active with your audience, hosting a virtual fundraiser or partnering with an environmentally conscious charity/business for Earth Day on Social Media is an eye-catching and accessible way to be on brand with the relevant interests of consumers.

Reflect Spring Habits Within Your Marketing. Spring cleaning can mean more than dusting off your home and refreshing your closet. A smart tactic in marketing is to capture the essence of your consumers and during spring that usually includes wanting lighter, brighter, and ultimately something new. Take a good look at your current campaign messaging, website and social accounts content or layout, and even a product or service that could use more recognition.

Match The Visual Trends of the Season. Trees and Flowers are blooming in beautiful, bright colors, grass is more green, and the sky is more blue so why wouldn’t you want your ads and content to match the visual vibrancy that is happening all around us. Using colors like pastels that are bright and welcoming will be intriguing and comforting to consumers as they embrace the spring energy, but this also applies to messaging. Revamping the tone of your messaging to be more upbeat, hopeful, and exciting will be a refreshing twist that matches the spirit of spring.

When curating your spring-based marketing tactics, make sure you are harnessing the energy and capturing the vibes of a season full of new life and sunshine. With your audience feeling good and excited, there are many opportunities to focus your efforts into a market of motivated consumers that are ready to get outdoors and get buying.


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