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Significant Trends in Modern AI

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, the United States government is in need of talent to develop AI that will make the country more efficient. However, they are struggling to find this talent. The government is in constant competition with the private sector, which pays more and has faster hiring processes. Younger generations are obviously going to be more attracted to more money, although purpose is still a driving factor in job selection. Purposeful, useful jobs in AI exist in both the public and private sector. That is why we often see the younger generation seeking careers from small businesses rather than the government; they simply see more value here.

In addition to the government struggling to find talent, there are two more significant trends in the world of artificial intelligence:

1. AI in Hospitals- Hospitals are currently using artificial intelligence to help patients, which

can exist in both the private or public sector. AI algorithms have the ability to interpret data to analyze treatment, outcomes, and admittance data. Currently, this technology is improving sepsis response, which can be very dangerous. This deadly reaction to infection is being analyzed by modern technology to help save people’s lives. Not only is it saving people, but AI is also allowing health professionals to avoid harsh reactions that can negatively impact the patients life.

This is an important and essential technology to save the patient and their loved ones from immense pain. It is predicted that AI in healthcare will continue to advance, and that percentage will keep increasing. From a business perspective, this is incredibly important to health organizations, specifically in the United States where healthcare is moreso a luxury. With savvy marketing strategy, patients will be pulled to hospitals who are taking better care of patients by adapting modern technology and hiring impressive talent.

2. AI Regulation- Most professionals and citizens are very familiar with the debate of private regulation, especially when it comes to powerful corporations and the impact on privacy. Most debates on this topic are split on the issue of AI regulation. Some believe the government should get involved, while others believe that it is an impossible industry to regulate. It is essential to remember that as a citizen or business owner, AI can quickly become dangerous. Even though it can help society in many ways, the private sector has the ability to take new advancements too far, and may invade the lives of the public in negative ways.

Regulation is essential in order to hold these governments and companies accountable when AI becomes invasive or fails. Hopefully, the government will be able to find the talent and individuals that can successfully regulate the AI industry. This debate will definitely continue, as citizens are becoming more concerned with corporate invasion and privacy issues.

Being aware of technological advancements is important for any person or business professional, because it will impact our lives everyday. Businesses can use artificial intelligence to gain social media followers, understand analytics, and better help their customers. But they also must comply with government regulation and be careful to not cross privacy boundaries. AI will only continue to grow, and it is necessary for citizens to be socially aware of these changes.


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