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SEO Tools To Optimize Your Business

If you own SME or you are just a private individual, and you have a blog or a website, as things are nowadays, it is important to hire a professional who does a thorough SEO audit of your site.

There are many benefits that SEO can bring to your website and business. If you cannot handle it yourself, you should contact an expert that can help you with it.

For this reason, we write in this post some very useful tools to analyze your website to know where you are doing well and where you need to improve.

Here are some of the tools you can use for your SEO:

• Woorank:

Tool that was previously free and that now allows us to have a free report a week. It provides a lot of information about your website and gives you ideas on how to optimize it for search engine positioning.

Introducing the URL of your site and that of your competitors provides you with data comparing with your competition, such as your web score of 100, depending on how well it is optimized, links, keywords, social networks, etc.

• Marketing Grader:

Free SEO tool, with which entering the URL of your site and that of your competitors, provides you with a report with information about our blog/web, social networks, meta tags, linked pages, mobile, etc.

• SEO Site Checkup:

SEO tool that entering the desired URL provides you type information: keywords, page speed, sitemap, meta tags, etc. There are many benefits you will get when you use this tool.

• SmartViper:

This SEO tool provides you with data about the domain and the keywords that predominate in that domain. The information it provides you is about internal and external links, indexed pages, most popular pages of our website, keywords, possible competition, etc.

• Web SEO Analytics:

Web SEO Analytics provides you with both free and paid tools, and within the free ones there is information that only provides it if you are a paid user. But you can still access valuable information about a domain, such as domain information, traffic, errors and notices on the web, etc.

• Google Trends (free)

It is a Google tool that shows what Internet users are currently looking for. Although it seems only "gossip", it can be very useful to select your keywords or your content marketing strategy. If you write about what people are looking for, there will be more possibilities for you to position yourself well.

• Google Adwords Planner

It is a tool for positioning campaigns (Google Adwords), the information it provides is also useful for organic positioning or SEO. With it you can carry out your study of keywords, since in addition to suggesting new ideas, it gives you information for each of them: monthly search volume, degree of competence, seasonality, etc.


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