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Product Spotlight: Amazon's Echo Loop

On April 24, 2015, one of Apple’s greatest creations came out – The Apple Watch. This smart watch was a big advancement to the smart phone, as it made people and their technology even closer, as one does not have to worry about where their phone is to do all of its normal functions. Up next came the Fitbit Smartwatch, taking on similar functions to the Apple Watch, as it tracks your daily activities, monitoring everything from your heart rate, stationary time and sleep patterns. With an advancing technological world, it’s no surprise that companies are striving to create the most beneficial, successful and advanced tool that consumers want to purchase. That’s why Amazon’s creation of the Echo Loop does not come as a shock!

The Echo Loop is quite the creation. Amazon essentially took Alexa and the Echo speaker and put it into a tiny ring, calling it the Echo Loop. The interesting aspect of the Echo Loop is that it isn’t supposed to be flashy and loud, as it is designed to keep questions and comments personal. Highlights of this new technology include vibrations when it receives a notification, voice assistance, the ability to accept or reject calls, and speed-dial. The beauty of this creation is that Alexa, perhaps the most popular virtual helper, is available everywhere now, as you can take “her” on the go. Say you want to add potatoes to your shopping list – all you have to do is press the button underneath and tell Alexa! Maybe you want to know the weather for the day and are too lazy to go outside – why not just ask Alexa! This portable Alexa is not only made for going anywhere, but it’s water resistant, scratch resistant, and has all-day battery life.

The creation of portable technology has been a growing trend that dates back many decades. Take the Walkman for instance. The creation of this iconic portable music player traces its roots to early phonographs and the Victrola, demonstrating our society’s drive to advance technology, even since the 1920s. Furthermore, major companies like Apple and Amazon constantly compete with one another, and Amazon’s creation of the Echo Loop shows consumers that Amazon has taken it to the next level and set the bar even higher for its competition.

With Alexa just one click away, the world is - literally - at your fingertips. The Echo Loop allows for quick and easy communication, access to the internet, and makes your day just a little easier and convenient. For business, having Alexa on your finger creates a day of less stress, and more production, as “she” is just one click away to help with whatever you need. Having this edgy ring on your finger not only gives off a trendy vibe, but generates success through its easy accessibility, which was ultimately Amazon’s goal.

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