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Personalization: A Marketing Secret

The power of personalization in marketing is an expansion of ethos, a literacy strategy. Focusing on engaging people’s hearts has become a powerful tool in advertising and promotional techniques, especially with the rise of digital marketing. People love personalized gifts, or even simply seeing their name. It makes us feel seen, even by large corporations. Businesses are currently struggling to stand out in the marketing world, since people are constantly being bombarded by ads. At this point, consumers struggle to focus on advertisements or understand which products are actually necessary. The marketing industry has had to get creative, which means targeting the most simple part of people, their emotions and feelings.

Marketing may seem impossible in a world filled to the brim with ads, but companies need to remember that people still yearn for actual connection. Although corporations will always be powerful, small businesses have the unique ability to connect with customers. Companies can even utilize artificial intelligence to hyper-personalize ads and customer experience. This includes content design, ads, recommendations, settings, ect. This allows people to find new products, see less irrelevant ads, and have an easier online shopping experience. Artificial intelligence is in collaboration with ad personalization, and every business can learn to take advantage of this.

Check out these personalization tips to help grow your business and improve your marketing:

  • Follow the Data: Every campaign and post starts with data. Companies must collect as much data as possible in order to develop personalized ads for each customer. But, how can we create personalization with numbers? Businesses should develop several customer personas to better understand their consumer base, and then create ads that apply to each persona. To find this data, check out social media insights that will reveal engagement information. Google Ads, an online advertising platform, also provides in-depth data to better understand these personas and what ads work.

  • Create Customer Personas: We have already discussed the importance of using data to choose these personas, but every business must also understand how to decide on each profile. Segment customers by an array of demographics, such as age, race, ethnicity, gender, location, and interests. Other segments include customer relationships (months or years as a customer), frequency of purchases, and what incentives people respond best to. After viewing these segments, marketers may calculate the CLV:CAC ratio of each persona to view the most relevant types. These personas will determine which ads to create, as well as the ad schedule.

  • Use Names: This may seem obvious, but many businesses seem to forget the significance of using names in advertisements. When collecting advertising data, such as when a customer signs up for email promotions, businesses will have access to a customer’s name. This allows for software to input the name of the interested customer into each email, or other advertisements. Digitally, this is minimum effort for the business. Small, retail businesses often input this strategy into everyday practices by simply writing the customer name on a card or offering personalized packaging. It has been proved that simply viewing your name will make people more likely to pay attention, and purchase from a company.


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