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Marketing During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is an important time for all businesses, especially for those in retail. People are shopping for themselves, friends, family, and significant associates. Black Friday strategically kicks off the season with incredible deals, and then Cyber Monday rapidly follows. For the next month, it will be the busy season for brands and new releases will heavily interest consumers. However, the holiday season is not all about maximizing revenue. Marketers need to remember that it is also important to create and maintain customer relationships and connections. Every customer deserves a meaningful experience when shopping, which will allow them to return to specific businesses.

To increase these connections, it is essential to develop an effective marketing strategy. It is never too early to start planning or thinking of creative campaigns, but there are some last minute strategy tips that may help you get through the season. Remember to boost revenue with seasonal promotions, sales, and new and improved products. Businesses should be putting their best foot forward this season.

1. Reflect: The first step should always be to reflect on past seasonal marketing campaigns, and audit their strengths and weaknesses. Understand what has created impactful connections and increased revenue. Re-create these strengths, and eliminate the strategies that did not work or were not powerful. In order to properly analyze past marketing methods, look at previous statistics. Look at what years maximized revenue, and what strategies were implemented.

2. Visual Marketing: Companies must have a visual marketing plan. One of the most entertaining parts of the season is the decorations, which should never cater to one particular celebration. Keep the decorations broad, and utilize a budget to create some impressive displays. If a business does not have a storefront, then they will typically update their website to be seasonally festive. This includes showcasing holiday specials and products.

3. Target Market: Discussing and reflecting the target market of a business seems redundant, but is vital in order to be successful. Reflect on the marketing strategies for the past year, and understand which audiences have been particularly interested. You can also use the holiday season as a way to develop a strategy that captivates an old demographic, or interests a new one. Either way, catering to the target market is necessary to understand what types of components will be effective.

4. Promotion: Remember to promote the holiday products and sales on the company website and social media accounts. Always cater to specific target markets through social media and internet ads, and remember which markets prefer which marketing channel. For each channel, you may have to implement a slightly different strategy, posting schedule, and content specifics. This will encapture and interest particular demographics, and pull them directly to the website or in store.

The holiday season is a magical time for people, and businesses should take advantage of these potential connections. Maximizing revenue is important, and developing the appropriate market plan will both increase sales and create lifelong relationships. Remember to be inclusive, decorate accordingly, and cater to the target market.


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