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The Importance Of Instagram For Your Business

Instagram reinvented the way of making and sharing images. Through this application, available for iPod, iPhone and for Android, the user can add vintage-style filters, frames, and colors as if using a professional camera. It is available for free download on the App Store and on its website.

Currently, it has more than 27 million users registered, it is downloaded 2 thousand times per minute and is one of the most used photo apps for iPhone and Android.

Why use Instagram?

The trend in ecommerce is to have a presence on social media. Consumers care more about their thoughts and feelings thereby recommending to their friends. And as a picture is worth more than a thousand words, social media platforms like Pinterest and apps like Instagram every day win more users, even among businesses and large companies.

In particular, Instagram is another way that brands can use to make branding and attract customers to their pages or stores. There is the option to create an account for your company, from which you can publish your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare. Thus, the moment you edit and publish your images, they can be shared and viewed in the main networks in which you are registered.

In addition, other people and other brands can "follow" your account and learn about all your updates so they can click "like", comment on them or give them retweets, which allows your content to be viral.

A recommendation when using this application is that you create a specific color or design a special shadow so that all your photos fit your message and your corporate image, which will make it easier for users to get to know you and identify your brand. Experts suggest that you do not limit yourself and upload any type of image that, although not directly related to your company, could attract the same audience.

To use Instagram in your business you must know how to put yourself on the map. To do this, be sure to tag all your photographs and add to each image you post a location from where it was taken. To do so, take a photo, click Enable Geotag and choose a location option; you will automatically be present among nearby establishments.

To advertise any product or service, this application allows you to take unique photographs, much more original than a normal one, which allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition and position yourself in the Google image search engine.

How to know if they talk about you?

It is likely that other users have already uploaded images relating to your brand. To find these photos or mentions you only need to go to your Profile, click on Search and write your Tag or label in the corresponding space. So you can have a look at different aspects of your company as what type of audience attracts and who your fans are. It is recommended that you retweet these photos since in this way you will build a better relationship with them.

To analyze your marketing actions in this network there is are free tools that allow you to manage your account and see the results of your actions as the most viewed and commented images, number of mentions and the best time to post photos.

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