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How using Instagram can Increase your Marketing Engagement on Facebook

Since the year 2004, the application, Facebook, has been utilized as a top source of social media marketing. This device has connected people to one another and for many years served as one of the most prominent social media platforms. This application brought together consumers of all backgrounds and connected people in a new way which placed emphasis on direct interaction with one another. This advanced, modern feature made Facebook stand out amongst its competitors and allowed it to thrive.

In the years following, Facebook faced a decline in revenue as other social media platforms followed similar initiatives. In 2012, Facebook merged with another leading social media device, Instagram.

Instagram focuses on digital photo and video sharing and has proven to be a popular social media outlet in its past twelve years of existence. Its emphasis on visual imagery appeals to a different set of users than that of applications like Facebook.

Since these companies merged with one another, they enabled a feature to cross-post your content on both platforms. This has proven beneficial as the information that you would have posted to Instagram can reach a new audience through this method of streamlining. This technique allows your images and videos to be shared on multiple websites at once and reach a much larger array of people.

This method of digital posting has been shown to build customer trust. It develops consistency throughout your social media accounts and reaches audiences in a faster manner. This provides an experience for consumers that demonstrates reliability and compatible interactions. This increases the customers' trust in the company.

Additionally, it allows you to gain a better understanding of your market. Through seeing the interactions grasped by these websites you can gain further knowledge about your customers and their individual identities. This will authorize you to make rational decisions while advancing your business plans and posting habits.

This plan of action also allows you to respond to messages faster. It places all your engagements in one place which allows you to manage and respond to them at a much quicker pace than ever before. You can filter messages and see consistencies among your social applications. This enhances your business’s ability to maintain customer interaction and interest.

Through intertwined usage of both platforms, you can understand the importance of your social media presence. This new way of posting allows your content to be posted in a rapid manner which reaches both your Facebook and Instagram concurrently.

This permits you to share your business endeavors with two audiences simultaneously. These websites bring along their own sense of recognition and user base which can help in shifting your business’ marketing engagement at an exponential speed.


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