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How to use Pinterest for Business

Going on Pinterest is like reading a catalogue. Similar to how you receive catalogues in the mail after shopping at specific places, Pinterest learns your likes and interests and uses them to display things that will catch your eye. It serves as a place that holds all of the things you want to remember, always there for you to go back to if ever necessary.

Unlike its close relatives Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest steers clear of the “social networking” aspect and focuses on what the user wants, rather than what other people post. Instead of just posting content about where you went and who you’re with, Pinterest creates a community that shares interests and generates ideas for those looking.

Pinterest, however, isn’t only about finding ideas on how to make the best birthday cake or the scariest costume. There is a whole different side to it, thus why it is so essential in today’s business world. Think about a start-up company. Any new business needs to utilize all the different platforms our technology has to offer today. The obvious platforms, Facebook and Instagram, aid in the development of a company through their use of content and status sharing. Pinterest, on the other hand, uses images to inspire people, and help them think of ideas. So essentially, if you were creating a brand new salsa company, you could share pictures of recipes that utilize your salsa so that if people are looking up how to make turkey burgers, they would see your recipe and therefore notice your brand.

Furthermore, Pinterest allows for extensive brand recognition, as pinning one picture can bring you to a boatload more, stemming straight from your account. It also serves as an influencer, as it brings in customers looking for something to buy next. If a potential buyer sees a product on Pinterest in the category they were searching for, they might just buy that product, thus demonstrating the power of Pinterest and the influence it has in the commercial world.

On a more technical note, Pinterest’s most important aspect is its use of the “pin”. More than just a picture or image, it serves as a bridge that connects the consumer to the company itself. Each pin includes the link to the original source, which ultimately is a great way to generate traffic. Just like on any social networking platform, Pinterest utilizes a feed, which is the collection of ideas and images that a user has followed. The importance of this is that it is the first thing that each user looks at when opening up Pinterest, showing them that what has interested them in the past is still relevant today. Even further, saving pins to Pinterest boards allows users to maintain everything they have previously found intriguing and inspiring.

Pinterest is an enjoyable way to see new things and find a plethora of new ideas. However, it’s more than just fun, as it can be used in a completely different way, generating referral traffic between consumers and businesses and creating more ways to promote and market companies. So, if you’re ever looking for the latest popular toy or an idea on a new recipe to try for dinner, Pinterest is the right place to go, as it embellishes on the uniqueness of life and all it has to offer.


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