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How to Take an Impressive Photo with a Smartphone

In today’s world of impressive technology, the average person has the ability to take an impressive photo. We can all capture important moments with the click of a smartphone, which can apply to businesses as well. It is possible to develop abundant content for digital platforms, while never hiring a professional photographer. Sometimes a professional is useful for major events, or when an employee does not have the time to take on a photography role. But the average business can not hire a professional on a daily or even weekly basis to take photos for the business’s website and social media accounts.

Some companies are able to hire a social media manager that will fulfill this role, who typically have access to a professional camera. Others do not, and will utilize their personal smartphone to take photos and post on an array of online platforms. You may be asking, why would any business hire someone to take average photos? First, this individual is fluent in online marketing and can leverage the content for the website and social media. Secondly, this person understands how to take advantage of their average camera. Below are some tips to help you do the same, and turn ordinary moments into substantial digital content.

  1. Choose a moment: Many people do not know what to take a photo or video of when deciding to up their social media game. This does not have to be difficult, and the photo can truly be anything that correlates with the business. For instance, a coffee shop can take a picture of their barista making a latte. It is an everyday task that does not seem special, but creates a personal moment on an online platform. A marketing firm can start by introducing their team members with a group photo. For an everyday picture, the firm can snap a photo of a member giving a presentation or engaging in a meeting.

  2. Angles, angles, and more angles: Of course, angles are an important part of taking a photo. Not only should the photo capture an interesting moment, but it should also flatter the subject. The subject can be a person (no one wants to look bad in a company picture), or even the landscape. Be sure that the photo is straight, and you can always edit the angle of the photo if this is not possible. Play around with the different lenses of a smartphone, including the difference between vertical and horizontal. People (even social media influencers) often forget about options that social media apps provide. For instance, Instagram will take a square photo that will appear perfect on your food, so there is no need for cropping an original photo.

  3. Pay attention to lighting: Natural lighting often seems like the best option, but shadows can make a big difference. Never take a photo with a person’s back to the sun, as it will completely darken them. Instead. Try to face the person towards the sun, while altering their angle to avoid personal shadows. To completely avoid shadows, take group or personal photos facing towards the sun about an hour before sunset. If taking a photo in a store or office, shadows are not typically an issue (or can easily be edited), but should still be a factor when deciding on an angle.

  4. Editing techniques: Editing is an important part of content creation, and is a step that should not be skipped. Today, most smartphones already have an editing option on their photos application and there is no need to download an additional app. If you do not have time to effectively edit, simply click auto edit. The technology will recognize what should be edited (shadows, angles, filters), and immediately make those changes. If possible, play around with the editing options to choose what makes your photo appear professional.

Content creation is an exploration, and is a task that can be taken over by the average smartphone user. Professional editing, photographers, and cameras are a great resource, but are not always reasonable for small businesses. Instead, utilize the above tips to capture the moments of your business.


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