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How to Market During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but also tends to be the craziest. There are gifts to shop for, houses to decorate, in-laws to avoid, and so many deals to consider. All of these reasons are exactly why focusing your advertising and marketing strategies around the holidays are a surefire way to keep business moving throughout the winter season.

With so much going on and hectic schedules for consumers, how can we focus our marketing to catch their eye? When planning a marketing strategy, one has to be very aware of the calendar and that is due to holidays or special events that are going to be impacting consumers. With holidays comes celebrating in some sort of way and with celebrating usually comes purchasing items. So the answer to this question is be ahead of the craziness and plan ahead to best capture the attention of eager consumers.

While there are many scattered holidays throughout the year, the festive and saturated time truly comes in the winter months. The festive spirit during this time is a great way to connect with your customers and show a more giving and cheerful side of your business. This can mean many different things to different industries, but simple acts such as reaching out to loyal customers to show them you care about their business, putting extra effort into possible leads, or even partnering with a charity or other company for a campaign will surely show the world that your brand is in the holiday spirit of giving.

Here are simple tips that are good strategies all year round, but can become tremendously beneficial around the holidays…

1. Giveaways and Collaborating. Many turn to influencers, trending brands and products, and social platforms in general for ideas and to gage what might be worth buying this season. The benefit of hosting a holiday themed giveaway and/or collaborating with another company or person to promote this is that the consumer does most of the work for you. Not only do users on tend to not put as much thought into what’s being given away, but the action usually requires them to tag friends and follow accounts that they most likely wouldn’t have followed prior and if on Instagram, post to their story for more entries. This accomplishes multiple advertising jobs in one action and is all free.

2. Festive Email Campaigns. Showcasing your brand through email marketing campaigns is not only a great opportunity to do so in a festive way, but also to target existing or loyal customers. For consumers that are not as easily persuaded by the saturation of content on social media, email is a reliable way to get your brand, new products, or deals going on in front of the customer.

3. Take Advantage of Google and Instagram Ads. These high traffic platforms will be a hotspot for holiday buying and perusing for all types of consumers. Generating campaigns for Google Ads will allow your business to do more focused and targeted outreach whereas Instagram ads will be more-so a chance to show enticing visuals with a call-to-action. Instagram is also where even a more organic post that acts as an ad will present the personality of your brand. Make sure when curating a Google Ad campaign that you are highlighting positive incentives for people to reach your business and have specific target words or phrases to optimize the spaces that your ads are covering.

Although the holiday season brings so much cheer and love, there are plenty of factors that can cause chaos. When thinking about your business, it is important to look at the chaos as an opportunity for your brand and learn how to utilize times of heavy traffic in the consumer market. By using the tools around you with focused themes and goals, the holiday season can easily become the most profitable time of the year.


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