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How Influencers Shift the way that Marketing is Conducted on Social Media Platforms

In recent years, there has been an increase in the way that social media is utilized. This change arose during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. This global pandemic caused people to rely on social media sites for communication and access to outside resources such as news and shopping ventures in ways that they had not had to prior. This reliance on these applications made them more popular than ever and altered their importance and necessity in everyday life.

One way which this became evident is through the popularity of social media influencers on applications such as Instagram and Tik Tok. These sites utilize those with a large following to represent the app and continue its usage and popularity. They rely on the fan admiration of influencers for further app engagement and excitement of users, namely youth.

In order to maintain interest during this shift online, companies followed this newfound way of bringing in sales by having influencers sponsor the goods and services that they offer. They pay them to promote their products through displaying them in current trends on these sites. These individuals would be seen utilizing these products on their social media. The products chosen would often demonstrate similar areas of interest to those that follow and support them online. This can be seen in examples such as mothers using toys from a sponsorship or from gym-based influencers using a sponsored brand of exercise equipment in their photos and videos.

This increases sales by connecting the goods to a wider audience who will be interested in their items based on their demographic. This has been proven to rapidly increase the sales of the product as it reaches audiences in a faster manner than other marketing strategies. The connection between social media platforms and their segmented demographics targets consumers in a high-speed way that is unobtainable buy other forms of customer outreach.

This unique marketing tool is used by companies as these people develop reliability within the community which they represent. For the products they used are viewed as expert approved and become accepted in society as dependable. The connection between influencer and followers differs from that of other individuals in the public eye as their following feels more personal and genuine to that of their followers. This bond is developed through common values and lifestyle.

This leads them to bring in sales and create relationships with the companies that they promote. This has oftentimes been seen through collaborations with brands and longevity of product usage on their accounts. In the years since the pandemic’s rise, we continue to see these influencers hold relevance and community support on their social media platforms. This viewer-influencer relationship proves relevant as their supporters continue to entrust their recommendations of products and services as stated online.


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