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How do I get verified on Tiktok?

TikTok has taken the world by storm, and for a great reason. Posting videos on a highly engaging app that serves an array of demographics can increase the chances of digital marketing success for all businesses. Individuals have even taken advantage of this app to enhance their influencer message, and become well known celebrities. Using similar methods and knowledge, businesses can do this as well.

To develop a successful TikTok account, social media managers need to keep up with the trends, utilize popular sounds, post consistent videos, and understand engagement analytics. However, posting exciting and knowledgeable content is not always enough to become verified. Having that blue check mark next to your business name (on any social media app) immediately tells others you are a legitimate and trustworthy business. It increases the chances of people viewing your page, liking videos, and engaging with your content. People typically think that only popular celebrities are verified on social media, but this is not always true. Businesses must develop a consistent and noteworthy presence on an app in order for the algorithm to consider them to be verifiable. The check mark shows that the account is credible and will distinguish a business from fake (or spam) accounts.

Posting consistently may seem obvious in order to become verified, but many individuals and businesses struggle with this. It can be difficult to take time every day of the week to create and post a video, and sometimes not even see the video be successful. In order to gain one million followers in four months, one particular social media influencer posted over twenty videos per day and paid close attention to which videos the algorithm favored. The algorithm decides which posts show up on users “for you pages”, which will enhance engagement. This is why it is necessary to keep track of your page’s analytics, including specific videos. Designating an employee to handle social media or hiring a social media manager can be helpful for any business. This can even be a part-time intern, as most high school and college students are already familiar with TikTok.

Another important concept to remember is that the number of followers is not what will get an account verified. Accounts need to be selected by TikTok in order to receive the blue check mark, which means that consistency and engagement is key. Of course, posting often and creating interesting videos will eventually allow an account to gain followers quickly, but there is no needed minimum follower count. Pay more attention to engagement (likes, comments, duets), rather than the number of followers! Getting verified and gaining followers will follow.

The TikTok algorithm is known for banning accounts, deleting videos, and blocking specific users from the app. Influencers are becoming increasingly frustrated with this algorithm, especially because there is no human scapegoat to communicate with. That being said, pay attention if specific videos are getting deleted or blocked. If you do not post everyday, at least login to the application regularly to make sure that your account has not been banned or even permanently deleted. This will greatly decrease your chances of the algorithm choosing your account to become verified.

Becoming verified on other platforms is also very useful to TikTok, and most accounts that are verified on one platform will rapidly be verified on others. Remember, post consistently, follow trends, study the algorithm, track your analytics, and stay loyal to your brand’s message.


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