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Gunnar makes glasses that protect your eyes from blue light

Have you realized that blue light can be harmful to the eyes? Facts have proven that the effect of a blue light on the eyes can result in cataracts, depression, slower metabolism to mention but a few. Now imagine infection of cataracts, or other related infection simply as a result of gazing on a laptop’s screen, what a careless mistake. The ultimate panacea is here! Gunner glasses are here.

A majority of people who work hard on computers, tablets or i-pads are ignorant of its adverse effect (particular to the eyes); some are ignorant of this fact due to carelessness on their part; perhaps they aren’t seeing an apparent symptom, or they just relate the symptom to any other random ailment. Alas, and alack, there is an ailment which aggravates slowly as a result of extended/ lengthy focus on a computer screen. This extended focus is a slow killer and can lead to a headache, eye pain/ strain, dizziness, blurry view amongst others.

It is based on this premise that the super saving Gunnar glasses is introduced, to make the eyes not to be overstressed. After working for long hours on the computer screen, you tend to strain your eye muscles which could result in polyopia. Gunnar computer glasses are designed in such a manner that it blocks blue light which helps you not to strain your eyes, it further helps to increase contrast, reshape focus and creates a shield that is visual-friendly.

Ask anyone who has tried Gunnar glasses and you will hear amazing testimonies of an accelerated ease while viewing, stress-free, improved clarity, and a massive reduction in eye strain. One of the fascinating things is that Gunnar glasses, unlike all other glasses, don’t have after-effect, it is suitable for anyone who has or hasn’t worn a glass.

Reasons why you should consider Gunnar glasses:

• it is user-friendly and does not cause itching.

• it is highly recommended by doctors

• it increases productivity at work

• it improves ease of viewing

• it helps in reducing eye strain

• it reduces a headache

• it gives you comfort and protection

• it shields the retina

• it helps you sleep better

• it has an anti-reflective coating that helps minimize dry eyes

• it totally eliminates blue light

• it has a minimal zoom effect

• it is suitable for tablets and i-pads because they use both lights.

• they are not for visual correction so they do not affect any newbie in glass wearing.

• it has a flexible frame which is suitable for anyone, no matter the head size

You no longer have to worry about headaches, fatigue or visual-related problems, you have gunner glasses, so go ahead and enhance your vision from eye strain and blue light; you can enjoy work now.

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