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Focusing on Email Follow Ups

More than ever, marketers must work hard to interest prospective clients. Individuals are consumed by marketing material every day, which is insane to think about. No matter if you are taking a walk, driving your car, or scrolling through your phone, you will see advertisements. It has become a norm to not only view these materials, but for the digital world to tailor these advertisements to fit your wants and needs. Therefore, companies need to develop intriguing marketing strategies to interest customers.

Email follow ups are an essential part of modern marketing techniques. The recommended amount of emails after contact with a prospective customer is now 8, which may seem excessive. However, these emails will vary in content and information, and the customer may unsubscribe at any time. Below are a few popular questions that may help you get started on how to enhance your email follow ups in order to effectively interest potential customers.

What should the first email include?

Of course, there must be a prior opportunity for an individual to subscribe to an email list. This can be from a landing page from a blog, an event the person attended, or a social media post. This will guarantee initial interest, but a business must work for the ending sale. The first email should include basic information about the company, and then additional information from the prior point of contact. For instance, include the item they were viewing on social media and then showcase other popular items.

How do I create content for the other emails?

Perhaps they opened the first email, or maybe they deleted it. Either way, the sequence of emails should continue to create interest and pull the customer in (even on the subject line). This means discounts, opportunities, appealing information, and content that directly applies to the individual. Each email should aim to develop a better relationship with the customer, and direct them to the website and/or landing page. Consider the messaging of your business, what you can realistically offer, and what will most interest new customers. Based on where the customer subscribed to the email list, there may be an array of email sequences that can apply to different types of people. Always be sure to allow the customer to easily unsubscribe!

What should be included at the end of the email sequence?

If this is not a continuous email subscription, such as new blog posts or store items, there must be an effective end to the email sequence. Be aware that up to 8 emails is a sufficient amount, and that some customers will not be interested in your business after your efforts. Thank the individual for their time, and clearly state that you will no longer be contacting them. Offer contact information in case they are interested in the future!

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