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Embracing a Recovering Economy

The past year and a half has brought many difficulties to businesses, while others were able to flourish. The United States completely shut down for a few months, and then slowly began to reopen with new norms in place. People needed to wear masks, practice social distancing, and limit social gatherings. Of course, all those practices are still recommended and are advised if that makes you most comfortable. However, the government released new mask mandates within the past couple of weeks. Every state has their own rule and certain states opened up their economy before others, but now most vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask. Restaurants are full, bars are open, and we are even seeing clubs starting to open up as well. This is exciting, as most people can not wait to get back to work and spend more time with friends and family.

Therefore, businesses will need to stand out and prosper on this excitement. Experiencing a global pandemic seems insane, and now the possibilities are quite optimistic. Companies must recognize these changes and capitalize on them. Below are some further explanations on what businesses should be thinking about as the economy recovers.

  1. Businesses need to understand that this pandemic has changed people, and embrace it. Workers were completely remote, and some people now prefer to work remotely. This means that businesses need to appreciate the change of the pandemic, and that it is not realistic to “go back to the way it was”. Employees have been able to realize how they best perform, and there needs to be room for companies to accept those changes. Allow people to work remotely if possible, provide a virtual and in person environment, and allow timely flexibility.

  2. People had more time to focus on their hobbies, self-reflect, and are looking forward to living life to the fullest. This means that social events are the next step in flourishing as a business. Plan events, product launches, and meet and greets for potential customers and clientele. That being said, do not forget that employees also need some socialization. Celebrate the fact that the pandemic has greatly improved, and plan an event specifically for employees. Executive appreciation goes a long way!

  3. The last development that businesses need to understand is the economical impact. Some people were able to save their money and plan for the future, while others financially suffered. This also applies to businesses as well, which is why everyone needs to be aware of the investment opportunities that hide within a global pandemic. Study the market and try to invest in businesses that were not able to do well throughout the past year (hotels, restaurants, airlines, ect), but will successfully capitalize on post-covid opportunities. Invest in those companies and become one of them. As a marketer, research their current marketing strategies and how you may be able to mirror those actions.


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