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Create Your Brand Image with Photography

In today’s digital age, we are all aware of the importance of a good, quality image or video. Since the development of the internet, we have rapidly created an online world. People surf the web, work from their computers, check their social media sites several times a day, and even date from their phones. It is merely an expectation to live a significant part of our lives looking at our computers and smartphones. This means that we are bombarded with online advertisements everytime we view a screen, and businesses need to take advantage of that marketing opportunity. Almost all companies have their own website and social media platforms, and some businesses are entirely conducted online. Those online opportunities have the ability to create a brand image that people have regular access to. However, a brand image is not all about a logo these days. It includes color schemes, specific fonts, images, and video/photography style.

Large corporations have marketing teams that are able to create a consistent brand image for all platforms, and they typically will hire a professional photographer. But not all businesses are able to afford a photographer, even part-time or for events. The next best option is to learn the tips and tricks of photography and videography. By understanding how to create an effective brand image for all online platforms, businesses can launch their brand to the next level.

It is imperative that businesses understand that the average person spends multiple hours on their computers and phones everyday. We all view ads and images of other businesses, which is why it takes just six to eight seconds to truly captivate an audience. Sharp, impressive photos and graphics will attract potential customers and continue to maintain interest over time. Although six seconds is not a lot of time, businesses can capture someone’s attention by using less text and more photos. People tend to learn visually in order to retain information.

Continuously try to take photos and videos on a daily basis, which is something an intern is capable of. Fortunately, we live in an era where almost everyone has a smartphone with a high quality camera. There is not necessarily a need for a professional, unless there is a large event for the company. Simply maintain a steady hand, decent lighting, and create an attractive background. Keep in mind what your social media feed will look like, and try to implement colors that correlate to the brand image.

It can be difficult to know what to capture and showcase to your audience. Photos typically take less effort and capture simple moments or products. Videos have the ability to add a personal touch to your everyday operations. Show off new products, video live testimonials or services, and introduce your staff. A healthy mix of both photos and videos will develop an attractive feed, and this content can even be utilized for the company website.

Taking photos and videos is not always a possibility, especially when a business is flooded with tasks or no employee has the ability to take on this job. Instead, create interesting graphics using online graphic design platforms. For instance, the website Canva allows amatuer designers to create social media posts, flyers, business cards, presentations, ect. If applicable, these sites typically offer free images for business use. It is a simple way to maintain a social media presence, even when you are unable to post photos. Creating an online image is an important component of building a brand, and taking the time and effort to take photos and videos will enhance a business.


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