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Conserve The Sound Of Your Gadgets Now

When anything goes into extinction, it becomes five times more valuable. Think about all the species of animals that have gone into extinction. Do you know how much a museum will make if it has any of the extinct animals? People will troop to the museum see the animals all year round.

The same thing is applicable to automobiles. Cars that are no longer in production are categorized as classics. And people will be ready to pay more than 10 times its original cost. So extinction increases the value of things.

Now, this article focuses on gadgets that have become obsolete. Can you remember when people walked around with a walkman? You will slot your cassette into your walkman and you are on top of the world. Can you now compare your iPod to your Walkman? Considering the number of mp3 tracks that your iPod can take, you will just see the walkman as a mere waste of space and resources, right? Now, think about how you will feel when you see or hear the sound of your walkman again. It will bring back the old memories of your days in school or your days as a kid.

This is exactly why those obsolete gadgets are not as obsolete as you think. A lot of people will identify with Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Later, it got upgraded to Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). What games were your favorites on NES or SNES?

To a lot of people, the memories of Street-fighter I and II cannot be erased completely. Another Nintendo game that was a massive hit is Super Mario Bros. Imagine how you will feel when you here familiar sounds from any of the games. Can you also remember Mortal Kombat? Remember Subzero that has the power to freeze his opponents. You will definitely do anything just to hear “Finish Him” or “Finish Her” once again. To complete the memory, you will also want to hear the sounds from the following moves – Brutality, Babality, and Fatality. They usually follow the sound – Finish Him/Her.

This is why it is great to conserve all these sounds. What about the sound of the old analogue telephone that you wind round to dial a number? In fact, some kids did not get to see it. To use it, you will dip your finger on the hole that has the first digit and wind it round. After that, you will leave it temporarily to allow it roll back into place and you will dial the next digit the same way until you finish dialing all the digits. Won’t you be glad to hear the sound again?

So, it is a very good initiative to conserve all these sounds. They usually bring back old wonderful memories. This is why a group of people are already advocating that the sounds of these old gadgets be conserved. The gadgets that are being used now may become obsolete in the next 20 years, so conserve their sounds now.


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