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Conducting Business During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world. Life as we once knew it has been altered beyond belief. The world outside our homes can be terrifying since we do not know who might get us sick. This has been detrimental to the economy, throwing unprecedented losses at countless businesses. Thankfully, there are certain measures that companies can take to still have some business during the pandemic. Please always check national and local protocols and stay up-to-date with all public safety orders.


There are a number of ways that retail businesses can conduct operations during the coronavirus pandemic. One way is online. Keep your website updated with inventory and continue to promote your company on social media. Make sure that customers can easily find the things they need. Adding measurements of clothing can help customers find their size more easily without purchasing and returning clothes that do not fit.

Another way is continuing in-store operations. Make the changes to your business operations to accommodate the new social distancing regulations. You may want to send out an email to customers on your email listing to outline the specific measures that your business is taking to ensure the safety of the customers and staff. These may include the disinfecting of high-touch surfaces every 30 minutes, only allowing the store at 50% occupancy, and any other safety measures that are recommended by government officials. Having a staff member at the door to great customers and enforce wearing a mask can help create a personal feel to the retail experience.


Restaurants have also been hit with a lot of losses during the pandemic. It is important to observe all the mandated orders from the government for public safety, but there are ways to continue business during the pandemic. First, if you did not offer take out, it is worth offering it now. If possible, offering delivery of partnering with a delivery service can keep loyal customers purchasing from your restaurant. Many restaurants offer special deals now to feed a whole family for a discounted price. Even though the profit may be less, there is still profit being made.

Depending on location, outdoor dining can be an amazing addition. If you do choose to incorporate outdoor dining to your restaurant, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make the space comfortable. For the most part, people who are going to a restaurant are going there for some type of social interaction, whether it be with family or friends. Make the are feel comfortable and decorate it well. Even if the dining area is in a parking lot, there are plenty of ways to make the area feel nice. Investments like nice lighting, fans, and tents can make the area much more appealing.

There are definitely many boundaries and obstacles when running a business during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is possible to still conduct some operations during this time. Remember that you must follow the public safety laws and regulations where your business is located.


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