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Boosting Social Media Engagement

Social media has its fair share of benefits for e-commerce efforts including things like enhanced exposure as well as various new ways for businesses to reach their audiences. With many new and evolving ways for followers to communicate with brands via social platforms also brings an opportunity for brands to communicate back. A vital part of successful engagement on social media comes from the brand being proactive with reaching out themselves. The simple act of asking followers to like and comment not only encourages engagement input, but opens the doors for the brand to respond and communicate back. Response to comments should always be positive. The business account’s positive tone can shine through when responding to users’ questions about restocks, contacting customer service, or general inquiries about product details. A brand that can curate comments that are appreciative, positive, and relatable or even have a humorous tone will ultimately motivate future engagement in return as well as give a good face to the brand. When discussing a proactive online presence, it is imperative that the account is consistent and creates the right mood with posts encompassing the proper aesthetic that the brand is aiming to embody. Being consistent with your followers has been made much easier with the use of elements such as stories and reels which are commonly seen on Instagram or Facebook. Not only do these options allow for a high level of activity on a daily basis, but it has expanded the amount and type of involvement that followers can have with accounts. Promoting contests or giveaways can be eye catching on users’ story feeds while simultaneously encouraging the resharing of information and posts with vast, instantaneous exposure. Another way to utilize stories are adding interactive elements such as live polls, live questions, and even live streams. Some benefits of a livestream are they can take any shape or form desired by the brand whether it’s a try on haul by a main influencer, a question and answer sit-down, or a live view of an event for the business; either way, it allows for one of the most efficient and direct ways to converse with your followers and even possibly create an audience that was not there before.


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