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The Benefits of a Curved Computer Monitor

The reason curved computer monitors are becoming more popular than flat ones is their numerous benefits. These benefits have been outlined below:

Curved computer monitors are more visually appealing

First off, curved monitors look better than flat computer monitors. They are more visually appealing. The wider they are, the more beautiful they are.

Curved monitors provide better images

When you watch the same video on both flat screen monitor and curved monitor, you will observe that the curved monitor provides better image. When you are watching any video on a wide monitor, the center of the screen will be closer than the edge of the screen and this leads to distorted images and reduced image and color quality.

But adding a curve to the display takes care of the anomalies. This is because it allows users or viewers to be equally close to every part of the display unit. Curved monitors align with natural curvature of the eye and this matches the field of view and thus, produces perfect images and image quality.

Curved monitor users have faster saccade peak speed

This simply means that people using curved monitors will realize that their eyes become exhausted less quickly than people who view flat screens because the latter provides more tiring views to the eyes. For this reason, if you are using a curved monitor, you will be able to finish target-search tasks and route-tracing tasks faster than people who are using flat-screen monitors.

Curved monitors put less strain on viewers’ eyes

By virtue of some people’s jobs, they have to spend a lot of hours in front of the monitor. Apart from that, gamers spend several hours gaming in front of the monitor. If you are one of those that spend hours on the monitor, you are better off with a curved monitor as it puts less strain on the eyes of its viewers.

In other words, flat screen monitors puts more strain on the eyes of the viewers and kids are much more prone to this. So, it is safer for your kids to spend more time watching a curved monitor than flat screen ones. Because of this, curved monitors are less likely to produce tired eyes, difficulty in focusing, and blurred vision.

Curved monitors offer more intense immersion

Whether you are watching a movie or you are playing a game, curved monitors will provide better immersion. That means with a curved monitor, it will be more difficult to distract you whether you are engrossed in a game, a movie, or even your work. If you look left or right, the only thing you will see is the screen of the curved monitor. So, it takes you completely away from this world.

In conclusion, curved monitor will help boost your productivity in whatever you are doing. In fact, a user of curved monitor once said when you experience what it feels like to use a curved PC monitor, you will find it difficult to use a flat screen monitor after that.


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