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3 General Marketing Tips for Your Business

Picture yourself as a 6th grader at the middle school science fair ready to present your volcano presentation. With your tri-fold poster board and volcanic model, you tell your audience everything you know about your topic, attempting to prove and promote every aspect of your research. As simple as this science fair presentation seems, on a larger scale it’s basically the same thing as marketing, as marketing is essentially the overall presentation of your business, product or service.

When starting a business, the role of marketing is vital as it plays the biggest part in promoting your product. Such a broad term often seems difficult, but there are simple ways to market your business without the stress and confusion that comes with a new start. The successful utilization of these three techniques will aid in the effectiveness of the promotion of your business and how it is presented to its audience.

1. Awards for referrals

Conversation about your product or service is extremely important. Any talk surrounding your business is significant because it reaches a new audience, and creates curiosity that drives potential consumers to look you up. A way to generate more conversation and create more interest is by creating awards for those who refer your business to friends and family. Furthermore, promoting an incentive for any sort of referral drives current costumers to strive to tell people about your business so that they can be rewarded. Somewhat like a two-way street, both parties are benefited as they each get something they desire in return, further demonstrating the importance of this tactic.

2. Content Marketing

Providing content is an effective way to market your business. Content is more than just words on a website – it delivers the message that your company conveys, while bringing customers in who find what is written interesting and useful. Content can answer common questions, creating a foundation of trust between a business and consumer or future client. It can also make your business look more remarkable overall, as producing content for the right audience increases communication levels that fluctuate in each industry. Most importantly, it shows the customer what you are offering and what they need to know about your business, making it easier for them to know whether or not they are ready to do business with you.

3. Become part of the conversation

As said above, conversation about a business is extremely effective in the promotion and marketing of your company. Finding places where you can discuss and converse about your business is important because it allows you to have an in to the conversation surrounding your company. For example, platforms like Facebook groups that have something in common with your industry or business is beneficial because you can reach a wide audience and educate them on your company as well. This also gives you the opportunity to lead the conversation about your product, and give it the recognition and identity it deserves.

These are just three of the many methods that can be used to market your business. It’s really not as difficult as it seems, and with the proper techniques, it can be as easy as presenting your volcano project at the middle school science fair!


Daniel James Consulting is a Full-Service Business Consulting Firm based in New York that designs solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve continued success by designing, developing and implementing plans, metrics and platforms, be it a one-man operation, non-profit, startup or large organization. Our packaged solutions or a la carte selections include Website Design, Marketing & Advertising, Search Engine Positioning, and Graphic Design. Business Management Solutions are also available for companies of all sizes.

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