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2022 Graphic Design Trends

So much of the world is constantly changing. Over the past few years with the pandemic, we have seen life change and evolve rapidly. Likewise, we have been changing. Our tastes are constantly transforming, so it is important to keep up with trends in business. Out-of-date and unfashionable graphics are not something you want to show your customers. Here are eight graphic design trends for 2022:


In 2022, we believe that themes of nature will be trendy. Since the start of the pandemic, people have begun to become more environmentally conscious. Many consumers have been opting for low-waste products and have been demanding companies to become more ecologically friendly. With this trend, we suspect more brands to recognize environmental problems and this will be reflected in graphic design.

Psychedelic Designs

We predict that psychedelic themes will become more popular in designs. Marked by bright, intense colors, distorted visuals, and spiritual themes, this trend from the 1960s is becoming mainstream in 2022.

Neon Colors

In 2022, we predict that bold and bright colors will be used to grab the attention of consumers. Neon colors can be effectively implemented in graphic designs in a few ways. They can be used as solid backgrounds for designs to create a feeling of liveliness and excitement. Additionally, they can be used with lettering. Using these colors in combination with solid colors like black or white can create intense, attractive contrast in graphics.

Simplified Logos

Companies have been simplifying their logos recently to make them look sleeker and more elegant. This can be done by stripping the logo to its bare structure. Follow the basic lines and curves of the logo to make it less busy. Many simplified logos also simplify the colors, sometimes to less detail or solid colors.

Candy Colors

In 2022, light, bright colors are gaining popularity in graphic design. This of the colors of Smarties candy. These colors have become wildly popular, especially in animation and illustration.

Design Crossovers

Design crossovers have been huge in marketing over the past few years and are continuing to become more and more popular. Brands that you would normally not associate with each other come together to create a new product. This can be seen in campaigns such as Supreme x Louis Vuitton and Xbox x Gucci.

2D + 3D

Designs that incorporate both 2D and 3D elements are coming into fashion. This can be done very creatively to make a design that is interesting and unique. Try different combinations of 2D and 3D elements in the design to find the right contrast. This added depth can give the graphic an exciting edge that sets it apart from others.

An Ode to the Past

A trend that has been gaining popularity recently is paying homage to the past. For many, this can be recreating old designs. Many brands have been returning to logos that are similar to their logos from the 1990s and 2000s. These new graphics may combine elements of the old graphic with more fashionable features like different lettering, different colors, or altered shapes. For many consumers, these redesigned logos create a sense of nostalgia.

Using these 2022 graphic design trends artfully and creatively can help you create interesting and innovative designs that set you apart from competitors. Remember to stay up-to-date with the most recent trends to keep your designs fresh and modern.


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