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Why an Instagram Story is Valuable

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Instagram stories have proven vital in the use of the application, Instagram. Since its release in 2016, Instagram stories provide a feature to its users that differs from the rest of the posts on this application.

These stories allow photos and videos to be shared on a user’s Instagram profile in a temporary way. These posts are public for a short, 24-hour long period of time after their release.

The benefit of these stories is to provide a series of imagery that is unable to be shared in a normal Instagram post. They allow more in-depth images and videos to be shared than that of the rest of the account due to the temporary set up that they allow. Their short-based nature gives them the ability to grasp the audience’s interest in ways that other posts are unable to do. This allows brands and influencers to upload posts more regularly and in a more efficient manner.

This form of posting on Instagram has grown popular in recent years. Businesses use this tool to share more information on their Instagram profile in a more rapid way than that of traditional posts on this platform as it has no hindrance on their follower’s Instagram feed.

Instagram stories allow further brand development to take place on a business’ social media. The more posts being made on a regular basis allow follower insight to be established as well as branding online to increase with each post.

In addition, Instagram stories increase follower interaction. The use of follower engagement such as the utilization of polls and questions allow followers to connect with a business in ways that a post is unable to do. This allows consumers to better express their opinions and interests with a company by voicing their input. This direct feedback bridges the divide between consumers and the venture at hand.

Insta 3gram stories are also great as they double as media that can be posted on Facebook and other social media platforms. Through cross-posting, a story can be put on both the Facebook and Instagram pages of a business simultaneously. This allows the brand to gain further relationships and interest by catching the attention of a wider range of people. This is done by instilling regular posting time and profile upkeep through this posting technique.

An Instagram user is also able to save these story posts to an Instagram account in the form of a highlight. These highlights allow posts to be grouped and saved in a manner the upholds consistency and visual aid. This tool allows users to interact with the story after its post and can add an additional visual aspect to one's profile.

The Instagram story is not a new phenomenon but one that continues to become a popular part of the Instagram brand. They add a unique form of internet publicity which has become an essential part in upholding popularity on the app.


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