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Understanding Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 and How To Interpret Them

It has been almost two full months into the new year and there is already foresight into what we as consumers and users can expect from a digital marketing standpoint. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it is clear that it brought many changes to not only how people live, but how society views the future; especially the near future. As we approach almost a full trip around the sun since the world shut down, have perspectives on what people want or feel they need shifted and how has trends in the digital world reflected this new perspective?

Social media is crossing over into a major purchasing channel. It is no secret that e-commerce has dominated the buyer’s market for quite some time, but moving further into the future comes new ways to conduct and utilize business digitally. Social media platforms such as Instagram have re-designed the layout of their app to focus attention and improve accessibility within the app based on the already prominent purchasing power on the channel created through aspects such as influencer marketing. While Amazon remains a leader in the digital buying world and seems to still be the go-to place for all your needs, consumers will be adapting to this new digital trend seen in their social media forums that may even encourage a larger marketing opportunity.

Direct marketing tactics and experiences may become permanently digital. Everyone knows the importance of making personable connections for advantageous strides when it comes to business, but with the new dynamic in social behaviors, face-to-face interactions may not be the best place to spend your marketing efforts. Engagement and accessibility is arguably possible now more than ever with virtual events, conferences, and meetings. Not only is this because practically every working professional has access to a computer or device that can connect them to a digital meet-up, but the new norms in the “workplace” are encouraging these types of circumstances due to the realization that networking and marketing must go on and this is where it’s happening.

Buyer to brand relationships are evolving from personalization to an informed personal experience. Marketing your brand to your audience has become more personal than ever, especially if your audience consists mainly of recurring customers. Buyers are expecting more and more from all kinds of businesses so when it comes to connecting with a favorable brand, the option to co-curate their experience with the products or service is optimal. Through the many channels where digital marketing efforts are able to reach consumers, the users have become savvy to these tactics and are willing to share and engage, but expect that to be reflected in their experience with the digital retailer. It can almost be thought of as a return-of-information for when the users become potential buyers for these brands.

When it comes to marketing, there will always be the old tricks that seem to remain proficient in reaching the customers, but the way brands and companies are interpreting these tactics may have to adapt to the new expectations of consumers. Although the year may be recently upon us, it appears to be a time where information and sharing are prioritized like never before and in terms of business this means being an informed seller will make connecting to — and with — informed buyers will make for more fruitful marketing efforts.


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