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Time to Rebrand- First Steps

Rebranding a business can sound intimidating at first, but is a step that all successful companies must take eventually. Consider Coca Cola and their evolution of logos and general branding. They have altered their image, label, bottle choice, recipe, and appeal to customers. The world is constantly changing, which is why businesses typically rebrand every seven to ten years. This may seem extremely frequent, except when you consider how many new experiences and changes people experience within a decade.

Now, consider how much change people have experienced within the past two years. As a society, we have expedited the transformation of the economy, daily routines, politics, and the success and failure of all businesses. Therefore, it may be time for certain companies to consider the possibility of rebranding. People are increasingly consuming online content, and working from the computer more than ever. We have all witnessed the reality of moving the world online, and how that can destroy businesses. That is why it is necessary to change with the times, without losing the original purpose of a brand. Start your rebranding journey by considering the following questions.

  1. Why are you rebranding?

Think about why there is a need to rebrand the company, in addition to the reality of a changing world from the pandemic. A business may need to compete at a higher level, which means becoming more modern. Perhaps the executives simply outgrew the original purpose and would like to return to a genuine reflection of the founder. Other reasons include new products, an incoming marketing team, or the need to simplify the message to corner a specific market.

  1. What should you begin to research?

Understand the target market, and how they may have changed over the past few years. The wants and needs of people are always shifting in other directions, so be sure to create relevant products and keep creating. When further understanding the market, research the competitors as well. There may be new businesses that have already developed an impressive, modern image. Or, past competitors may have already taken advantage of the possibility of online marketing and rebranding.

  1. How can you revamp your online marketing presence?

Think about what the business is rebranding before pitching the online marketing plan. Companies do not always change their logo or name; sometimes rebranding is simply shifting the brand message. Either way, a marketing campaign must accompany the new developments. Do not forget to change or announce the rebranding on social media, the website, and other platforms that a business may devote to. Stay consistent with the image, message, and timeline.

  1. How should you go about launching the official rebrand?

To parallel the importance of online marketing, there must be a launch for a rebrand. All businesses create this “launch” differently, and can sometimes be as simple as an online announcement. Tell people that you have altered the brand image or message, so that customers are never confused. Larger corporations will develop large online or in-person events to celebrate the rebranding or the company, which can be applied to a small business (on a smaller scale).

Businesses are originally created by determined entrepreneurs to fulfill a need within their community. Remember, it is always possible to revamp a brand image without losing authenticity.

Daniel James Consulting is a Full-Service Business Consulting Firm based in New York that designs solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve continued success by designing, developing and implementing plans, metrics and platforms, be it a one-man operation, non-profit, startup or large organization. Our packaged solutions or a la carte selections include Website Design, Marketing & Advertising, Search Engine Positioning, and Graphic Design. Business Management Solutions are also available for companies of all sizes. For more information please


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