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Post-Pandemic Work Force Changes

The pandemic has changed the workforce of the United States tremendously. In both positive and negative ways, the past year has altered the way individuals think about their careers. People have been forced to stay at home and find their sense of individuality. Likewise, going to the office everyday takes up a significant amount of time. For some, this is time well spent as they feel the need to see their coworkers face to face everyday. For others, they were able to get their work done quicker and more efficiently, often helping more people than ever before. A lot of businesses are realizing that their employees do not need to come into the office everyday, and that it is cheaper for many workers to stay remote or only come into the office part-time.

Everyone’s lives have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and people are finally starting to feel as if life is going back to normal. But some things will forever be changed, including the workforce. Read below the top three work force changes, and why you should be aware of these national developments. Change can be a great thing, despite being the result of a very tough year.

  1. Personal Changes: Pre-pandemic, most people wake up, get dressed, and then go to work. By the time you get home, do errands, go to the gym, and make dinner, you are probably too tired to engage in any hobbies. When you no longer have to make time for commuting and can simply do your work, attend those meetings, and then log off, your day becomes much longer. Not to mention, in the midst of the pandemic, there was not much to do outside of the house and it was difficult to keep yourself interested. As a result, those who have been fortunate enough to work remotely have discovered new hobbies, improved past skills, and spent more time with their family. People are realizing that the way they interact with the world everyday has an enormous impact on their appearance and personality.

  2. Day to Day Efficiency: For extroverts, the possibility of increased efficiency from home may not have been worth it. But it is important to take advantage of that possibility and stay positive. Not only was the day to day agenda more efficient for most remote workers, but the option for nationwide employees and clientele grew. Those across the country were able to get better jobs, while helping those they would not have had a chance to, if not online.

  3. Business Strategy: The pandemic had an unfortunate impact on many businesses, closing thousands of jobs that depend on foot traffic (restaurants, retail, ect). Other businesses can easily operate without in-person relations, and owners found that working remotely has some incredible benefits. It is cheaper, more efficient, and most employees are now happier to work from home part-time. This is great news for a business, as expenses greatly decrease while having the possibility to Zoom call any employee or client.

There are many positive changes that resulted from this global pandemic, and fortunately they will not be going away anytime soon.


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